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    Lightbulb Accessories 101

    To make your dioramas stand out, correctly scaled accessories can give it the final touch.

    Here's a good example of accessories complementing the diorama.

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    I can't possibly agree with you more. SBD chestplates and arms laying in the arena provide a great effect, as do rifles and lightsaber handles. Amanaman skeletons and bones from the Rancor laying in the Rancor pit make the scene even more gruesome and frightening. Those storage crates are wonderful, they really help convey a sense of realism. It's neat how little details like that can vastly improve a diorama. Good job on that, btw!
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    Agreed on that. Excellant job.

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    Yeah, just think of what properly scaled figures and ships would do.

    Don't forget that the Deluxe 3PO pack has it where both droids can come apart, that'd be perfect for Arena, Droid factory and Junkyard dioramas.
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    Spruce up the ewok celebration with an ewok band, the roasted animal and more food!

    Enjoy and be merry!
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