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    You're so lucky, you people seem to have loads of SW comics where you live, all I can find is the occasional graphic novel!
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    Originally posted by mrhat
    Anyway, that last comic was sad, the 4 superheroes, SAD, they were never developed into a good rebel team. was that new, or an older undeveloped comic?

    Actually it was a knod to the old Jack Kirby Fantastic Four comics from the 60's. I really liked how they recreated the old four-color look of those comics, brings back memories. If you look at the names of each character they are not-so-subtle twists on the FF's names or slogans.
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    So what the final say buy or don't buy is it worth it? I didn't know there was Maul vs. Vader. When I read the first post I almost wet myself and ran to buy the comic , but you all seem to have diffrent opinions so buy or no buy...
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    I would reccomended it, the artwork is breathtaking, the PlotLine is a bit Artistic, and Dramtic, The Ending is predictable though, but a bit confusing. If you have 5.99 to spend, its not a bad investment, it is the most anticipated Tales to date.
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    Thank you mrhat! I will run to buy it and wet myself when I read it...
    "One day I will become the most powerful Jedi (Sith) ever." Anakin Skywalker, Epi.II

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    After much searching, I finally found Tales #9 on Friday. The Vader/Maul story alone was worth the wait. Great artwork, great possibilities.

    The rest of the stories could've been better.


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