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    Oh no. I hadn't even considered Wedge dying. He's the "everyman" character, and I think it'd be poor judgment to kill him off.

    Great job, thespar! Giving them more bad ideas!
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    i never liked this story line idea sience i read that they had plans to kill cheiwe one of favorite ot chacters. i was just joke about wedgew his was the first name that poped in to my head.

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    But how can dead characters return, EP?

    Bobby Ewing
    Boba Fett
    Tom Sawyer
    (the eyes are roll... o... ing)
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    accord to star wars the sarlacc keep the prey a live for a thousand years if any one could found a way of a problem like that with that much time on his hands it boba fett. after all who knows how fast some of his weapons would have disslove.

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    According to The Dark Empire comics he made it out of the Sarclacc and began hunting for Han. He finaly found him (two Days before Leia gave birth to Anakin.) anyway a few hours before Leia gave birth Fett was shot down in the outer outer realm. His ship was not destroyed but all we know is that he did not fallow.
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    Just to let people know that one Author doesn't have the power to kill off a major charcter.
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    Right. It's not the authors who kill off major characters, its the brains behind the whole NJO series.

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    Fett still isn't dead. In one of the Tales books, he meets Han later. And the brains behind the NJO can't kill anyone they like, they have to get permission from Lucas. So Luke, Han and Leia are probably untouchable. Probably.
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    after chewebacca was killed in my opion no will be safe.


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