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    Lightbulb What do you do with your accessory packs?

    I have my ender pack on luke bespin and he looks really good! Try it! Just but the endor helmet and robe on the luke with his lightsaber and his blaster and he looks great!

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    The gas masks from the Hoth set went on Bespin Han and Leia. I don't think they will fit on Chewbacca. Besides, there are only 2

    I was doing some "modifications" to the figures and backpacks from both the Endor and Hoth sets.

    I can't figure out what to do with the jacket that came in the Endor package.
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    I accessorise, what else is there to do?

    Okay now that I've given the facile answer, I'll respond with more thought.

    I'm still waiting for delivery of the endor, hoth and death star sets but i have three arena sets and those accessories have gone in the big 'accessories unwanted' box under my bed. Apart from a set of cufs that went on Han Solo in my Jabba's palace setup. The batle droids went in the arena setup despite not having backpacks, those large jetpack things were all warped in my sets and far too heavy for the droids to stand with strapped on. I considered hanging them as though flying but they looked silly just dangling there so they now form a posse with the two deluxe interchangable limbs battle droids.
    Oh yeah, and one of the cloaks I put on Old Ben Kenobi POTJ, he looks pretty fly in his new duds. It was a bit tricky getting his pointy sleeves through the arms because the fabric is not strong and almost tore as the point of the sleeve passed through but now it's on and Ben can merge into the background and do his crazy old wizard routine with impunity once more

    The lightsabers are no good to me at all. I have a box full of lightsabers already. Must be 100 or so in there. I just never feel the need to display or play with those things. I really only bought the sets for the figures. Same with the other three that I don't yet have. I'll use a couple of accessories bt most wil go under the bed in the big box. The helmet xylophone and spare helmets might get used but not much else.

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    Yea, All my stuff goes in the "Big Un-Wanted Accessories Box" (BU-WAB) I have 3 Star Wars shoe boxes FULL of SW Accessories
    and a huge box with my loose figures,Every now and again I'll get them out and play "Dress-Up" But then it all goes back in the boxes... I have too much, And can't display everything(Loose stuff) I display next to nothing, Only newest figures for about a week or two...then they go in the boxes when I get more new stuff...

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    I keep all the weapons/accessories in clear plastic boxes seperate from the figures.I always have the figures out (over 300 of them) just lookin at em,messin around with them usually the accessories kinda hang in their boxes.I get a new figure,tear it open..figure goes in my figure hutch/piece of furniture type thing and if then i put accessory in either a gun/staff/lightsaber or general accessories box. I receintly started supergluing things like backpacks and other parts on to the figures,like...stuff that SHOULD be there and just keeps coming off(Padme AOTC gun holster,Boussh Leia cape thingy,ect).
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    under lock and key. Sad, but I don't have any reason to open mine, because all my figures are behind bars in their bubbles.
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    Actually, all of my unwanted extra accessories are in an plastic box that once housed baby wipes.
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    I'm with the BU-WAB brigade at the moment. I am trying to set everything up in display (which is cramped) to take photos. Once that is completed I will re-deploy them into Dioramas - then the BU-WAB will really come inot its own....

    Ooh, I can put Tatooine Ponchos on Emperor's Wrath Vader and other such 'hilarious' options. Go to the Customising thread and you can see me very basic Dooku-in-a-spare-Sith-robe picture.
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    So far, I only have the Arena set. The battle droid is for use whenever I need droids (Arena, of course). I put the cloak on whoever needs a cloak - usually aliens that need to be a Jedi. The sabers, I use the blue one (Shaak's hilt) for Obi-Wan in the Arena or final battle. The green one (Plo's hilt) is sometimes for Anakin, but usually for Adi Gallia to be a true Stass Allie. Handcuffs, of course, I use on Anakin, Padmé, and Obi-Wan (I wish I had the TA Ani so I could put it on both hands). Jango's guns, I give to Jango when I need some with blast effect - attachers. The hemet looks better than the one that came with KE Jango, so I use that when I need to. The clonetrooper rifle is waiting for a clone that needs one.
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    I don't have the accessory sets but the stuff I wouldn't be using from the set I'd probably buy a Space Maker box for that are in the School Supplies. They do nicely for holding accessories and stuff you don't have anything to do with.
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