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    Whats after Ephont Mon?

    Are there any confirmed figures after Ephant Mon? Is that all, besides the Red Battle Droid of course. We should be getting Ephant Mon no later than mid Oct. There has got to be more carded figures on the way for December. Ayala, Padmae and R2 are 2003 figures. Do you think they'll be available late Dec. early Jan?

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    Don't forget that the destroyer droid hasn't shipped yet...

    Endor rebel soldier head variant
    Jango fett Slave-1 pilot
    Clonetrooper pilot
    Ephant Mon
    Destroyer droid
    battle droid (Brown/red)
    Deluxe clonetrooper
    Deluxe flying Geonosian

    Should start seeing stuff show up soon for the fall/winter period. The only things I heard so far was the very rumoured release of the second wave of cantina bar sets - Kitik Keed'Kak, Dr. Evazan, Wuher. Plus the final wave of star tours figures - G2-9T and R5-D4. Oh and not forgetting the Imperial shuttle in early december

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    There are also the very rumored Night Club sets, which seem to be going the way of the unrealized Pod Racer 2-packs.

    A couple of other figures from early lists that haven't been made official are Wat Tambor, Blue Battle Droid, and a Rebel Officer.

    We might hear more in the next month, after all the Holiday Droids set is a fairly new piece of information. But besides what Jargo posted, there's not much more to have hope about - not until the confirmed 2003 figures, and the growing list of rumors (around here somewhere).

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    I thought that the Endor Rebel Soldier with head variation was already out....
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    Well kinda, but not really in great numbers. As far as the UK goes there's dribs and drabs of stuff. just got Lott Dod and Watto, passed on the Tusken, Clone pilot and Jango should show up with endor rebel head variant and Hopefully the battle droid variant but I dn't hold out much hope on that battle droid. Same with the destroyer droid, unless the destroyer droid is holding Ephant Mon back and the figures are now coming in waves of just two or three. I think it'll be early October before most of the remaining stuff hits Europe.

    When's the next Toy expo? Isn't there a trade show in the fall? Where's the catalogue of upcoming items from Hasbro? Where's the hype to get us to buy those kiddies all the exciting toys for xmas? Where's the normal toy company behaviour? What gives hasbro - cat got your tongue? Or are you just in hiding and hoping no-one noticed how you started slipping all the gimmicks into the figures from the batman line. Hoping to slowly strangle the real fans out of the hobby so alls that's left is saps who'll buy anything just because it says star wars on the box. Then it's cheaper plastics and worthless gimmicks galore as you debut ice skating Luke, Snowboarding han and transforming Wampa, From beast to all terrain vehicle in just one twist! What a crock...

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    Lightbulb What's after Ephant Mon?

    Ephant Grl?
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