Hey, guys/gals.

I just traveled from Oklahoma down to Hattiesburg, MS this weekend to see my folks. On the way, I hit a ton of Wal-Marts, etc. I found many hard-to-find items that I already have, but some don't. So I thought I'd let you in on it.

In Greenville, MS's Wal-Mart were about 10 TIE Bombers and 5 Snowspeeders. They also had TONS of the common figures from the first 16 w/ backgrounds and all of the Cantina scenes.

In Hattiesburg, MS's ToysRus on Hwy 98, they had TONS of ALL of the original 16 w/ backgrounds - that includes Dex's, Battle Droids, Geonosians, etc. They also had about 5 of the new 12 inch Luke/Tauntauns and about 5 X-Wings.

In Magee, MS's Wal-Mart, they had the interactive R2 units. (Only had 3 of them.)

In Conway, Arkansas' Wal-Mart, they had the usual suspects, but w/ tons of Qui-Gon's and about 6 Republic Gunships.

If you live around those areas and are in need of any of these items, best hit 'em quick!