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    I thought it was a pretty good flick, with the best part of the film being that it was fully realistic. Robin Williams did a good job, and while he wasn't his usual comedic self, his overall personality was still there in a way that fit. It was definitely easy to relate to his character as well..

    I think one problem though is the way they had him discover the affair, the girl's picture is reasonable but I think it was too much of a stretch to make her part in the picture so tiny to the point of needing a magnifying glass. Her presence in the picture should've been a little more spotlighted, like maybe her in a picture with the guy and the woman. (Don't remember their names, heh)
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    Originally posted by dr_evazan22
    The unrealistic house deco and other set dressings, like Wal- SavMart.
    Well, it was a Mark Romanek flick. Anybody remember that Fiona Apple video, or Nine Inch Nails doing Closer? His films are quite nice to look at, much like Stanley Kubrick's, but like Kubrick, he just can't capture the human quality. Yeah I watched the extra features, and I know the Savmart was supposed to be the most sterile environment on earth (next to Sy's apartment), but the visual style was so overboard polished that the film just looked silly. Also, Sy is the hero. or antihero. You just never believe he's really going to snap. And he never does, his revenge is a major let down. And the oddball misfit from hell bit was alredy done in Cable Guy. Not a bad flick, IMHO, but not particularly memorable. My favorite part was when he was discussing all of his various customers.

    And that kid- "Mommy, I feel bad for somebody." Would any kid on this planet be thinking about the photo guy and say that? Worth a rent, nothing else.
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    Another thing I was to keen on- After hubby arrived home from his ordeal his wife and kid come and greet him like they ahven't been betrayed!

    I did like that wifey didn't immediately confront hubby about the affair, which (kind of) forced Sy's hand in what he did. But going back to the negative, Sy coveted wifey. While Sy going ballistic was to be expected, the fact that he wasn't murderous, while different, wasn't realistic IMO. I also think hubby should have fought Sy. I mean he had the sheet or blanket in his hand. If he felt for his life, use it to tangle up the knife in Sy's hand.

    After hubby got home my friend turned off the DVD b/c I had been complaining about the movie, so I have no idea what happened after that.
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    Well I've seen it now. It was good. Not the best but interesting. Something new for Robin Williams. I think the plot goes south when Cy (Robin) decided to catch the husband cheating.
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