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    Originally posted by Nexu
    Yeah, no kidding. I hate stupid rules and lawsuits.

    Did you hear about the lady that tried to dry her cat off in the microwave? Seriously. The cat exploded, and she sued, and won, and now the manufactrer has to put a lable on them that says "Do not put live animals inside."

    Dumb friggin people.
    Not quite related to video games. But still, a nice addition for such a touchy subject.

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    yeah, that was grossly off-topic, wasn't it?

    OK, back on topic, how can they ban handheld systems? There is no way you are going to do some illegal gambling on a game boy. I realize that the gambling is just an excuse, but it's a really terrible one.

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    heck i found the a video came is a could the vent angery with.


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