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    Banned on video games

    i know alot of us are not from greece but what do you all think about this. Also what do you think will happed in your area. I for one things it is stupid.

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    I too think it is rediculous to ban games in Greece!!! What IS the point? You can't even play Snake on your mobile phone! I can't see what harm playing games can cause. I just think the person who banned them if jealous because he didn't have video games when he was a kid.
    If I lived in Greece I'd still play on games, what are they gonna do go house to house searching for people's PlayStations?

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    Courts in Greece are throwing out the cases.

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    This seems like a political ploy to me. We do similar things here in the United States.

    Propose a law to stops something (but you secretly DON'T want to stop it).

    Make the law so rediculous that NOONE would possibly vote for it. If it dosen't get passed, you can still say, HEY I tried to ban computerized gambling (in this case).

    If the law does get passed, it will get thrown out soon enough.

    Either way, you win, "Sorry, we just couldn't stop computerized gambling".

    But the reality is that he/she/they NEVER really wanted to stop computerized gambling.

    Or, I could just be a conspiracy nut.
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    I heard something ridiculous like the Greeks don't know the difference between gaming and gambling.
    Is that true?

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    Well, everyone's friends Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore have been trying to accomplish the same thing over here for years. They have failed thankfully. I despise BOTH of them.
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    Don't know Tipper Gore, but Lieberman is a buttwipe. He rambles on about how video games are responsible for school is the automobile industry to blame for drunk drivers and car accidents?

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    Unfortunately, I feel the the same way as you guys when it comes to this issue. Its not the game's fault for school shootings, etc. If someone does something like that because of a game, then they were obviously off balance to begin with.

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    Let's try pointing the blame to the correct things. The parents!

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    Yeah, no kidding. I hate stupid rules and lawsuits.

    Did you hear about the lady that tried to dry her cat off in the microwave? Seriously. The cat exploded, and she sued, and won, and now the manufactrer has to put a lable on them that says "Do not put live animals inside."

    Dumb friggin people.


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