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    I wouldn't mind seeing them make an Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader holding the Emperor over his head shooting lightning. Imagine the detail they could do with that compared to the 3 3/4 line version (which was awsome in its own right).

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    I had to vote "No" on these. While I do think the figures are quite awesome, I don't like mini-statuettes as much as figures... there just aren't as many display options/possibilities. Also, with all the money I spend on figures and other things, these just aren't conveniently within my budget. Maybe when they all go on clearance, I'll pick up a few.
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    I have to say I feel very ambivalent towards them. I've only seen the Padme and Jango Fett in the stores, and they don't do anything for me. I will probably pick them up if I find them on clearance, however.
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    I kinda like a couple of them, but there are so many other companies out there making Star Wars statuettes. If they do continue with them, I hope they actually have the pose parallel a scene from one of the movies (like the Vader one) instead of just giving them a comic book pose.

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    I voted, I buy some, though I haven't bought any yet. I plan to buy Vader and Dooku (maybe).

    I'm just not that impressed. Hasbro went for those ultra-super-dynamic-wierded-out-facial-expression-poses. They all look stupid IMHO. Padme' look like some kinda Dominatrix (sp?). The others look constipated (sp?) or WORSE. Vader is hard to mess up (no facial sculpt) Hasbro tends to do better with these type of figures.

    If Hasbro REALLY wants to save the line, they should do two things:

    1. Concentrate on the non-human head characters:

    AT-AT Driver
    Clone Trooper (Stawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla)
    Clone Pilot
    Vader (Done)
    Boba Fett (ESB...or ROTJ)
    Jango Fett SOLO with Helmet ON!!!
    Yoda (EP2 WITH lightsaber)

    2. Humans sculpts should have MUCH less dynamic facial expressions.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I thought about it, but decided against it. They're interesting and look pretty cool, but in the end, I've got better things to spend my money on right now. It's hard enough to squeeze the budget to keep up with all the 3 3/4" stuff as it is.

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    I voted "no." I quit collecting the 12" and Lego line and have focused entirely on collecting the occasional 3 3/4" item. I just don't have the disposable income anymore to commit to yet another overpriced line of Star Wars collectibles.

    The only new line I am really looking forward to is the Star Wars Kubricks that are supposed to be coming out soon. Namely the bounty hunter set.
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    I think the poses are too exaggerated. Too comic-book like. I'm pretty sure that's Hasbro's intention, though, but... I dunno'... the sexy, body-painted, ripped-ab Padme looks too overdone, for example.

    As for some of the suggestions here, well... everyone's entitled to an opinion, of course, and some ideas are good but others are ridiculously funny.

    Like... oh yeah, let's make Obi-Wan slashing Ponda Babba's arm! Ooh... Vader choking Captain Antilles on board of the Tantive IV!! No, wait... how about two Ewoks ripping apart a Scout trooper with their spears? Oh and please have them sculpted with foaming mouths and oversized fangs!

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    I really like this scale of figures. I don't have to buy the expensive statues to get this scale. I agree, we need a whole line of these figures set for release Q1 2003.


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