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    I really like this scale of figures. I don't have to buy the expensive statues to get this scale. I agree, we need a whole line of these figures set for release Q1 2003.

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    I have none in my collection, but voted "I buy some" because I'm definately going to get Padme, Anakin, and Dooku, and maybe Mace but he's not a definite yet.

    I would definately get an AOTC Obi-Wan, preferably rain soaked.
    TPM Obi-Wan would be alright too, but I'm not sure if they could pull off ANH Obi-wan . . . maybe a Spirit of Obi-Wan ? He could be REALLY Unleashed !

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    I voted no but that doesn't mean I don't like them- I think they are really cool! The reson I don't buy them is because of space. I've been collecting since 95' And I have every fig, playset,ship/ vehicle,(except for EU and the last 20 Darth Mauls) and almost every 12" and some vintage stuff. Lately it's been really hard for space specially with Hasbro doing unessary remakes on ships/vehicles. I bought the remakes but I have no place for them except in my big walk-in closet and I'm running out of room in there. I really like the Vader one and I might buy it if I can find a couple of inches somewhere.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I don't have the resources to commit to the "unleashed" series -- but would accept them as presents. These are good looking statues for the office. I would like to see a Darth Maul stabbing Qui-Gon Jin or seeing Obi Wan spliting Maul in half. Morbid, I understand -- but could have a display saying, "In memory of..."
    Also, Luke hanging from the weather vain or in the Hoth cave would look awsome!!--Perhaps a Luke on Dagobah looking over a slain Vader with his face...THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    Yes, yes I do collect the Unleashed line.

    I enjoy this line very much, and can't wait to see what characters Hasbro decides to UNLEASH on us in 2003.
    " I think I have the SITH sense...I see DARTH people!"

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    I have the Vader, and Padme. I plan on getting Mace. Undecided about Dooku. I like them as long as they are consistent with the movies and look good. I HATE the maul doing his red jello ballet ar whatever that is. Im just so sick of Jango "I'm overrated" Fett that I wouldn't spend that much one more of his endless rehashes much less a 15$ figure. Im excited to see what the Leia is and would love an Ep II Obi Wan and Jedi Luke.
    Jango Fett- Schmango Fett

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    I buy some of the Unleashed figures, but they have to really look fantastic! I passed on Maul and the ballet of the Jell-O fairys, and I passed on Japanese Anime Ani! I am not going to touch Padme, the face is all wrong, and the body....well all I can say is that it must be cold on Geonosis since a friend of mine and I saw that the outfit (the way it was sculpted) "enhances" the chest area!

    I want Dooku, and I already have Jango and Vader. Vader looks like he was directly pulled from ESB, and Jango, aside from the lame looking Boba, looks really good. I like the touch that Hasbro did by putting a layer of clear-ish plastic designed to look like rain splatter and ripples!

    If they continue to make the figures/statues look like the character they are supposed to represent, then I will buy them. Otherwise, forget it!

    If they used laser scanning on the actors/actresses, why can't they use that info to make a better head sculpt?

    Oh well....just my opinion!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    I have bought Maul (I'm a big maul fan) and am planning to buy dooku and maybe vader

    I posted my want list in the dear hasbro section but the one I want most is Emperor Palpatine from ROTJ with his force lightning and a really evil grin
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    If I had enough money to collect then I would buy them all.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    why can't they make figures with this level of detail and in this exaggerated style, but that are ACTION figures, and not cheap miniature statues?


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