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    personally I think these things are absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn't even buy them on clearance for $1.99
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    I only collect 3 3/4 inch Star Wars action figures, but perhaps if I lived in a place with more space, I might pick uup one or two to use as decorations.

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    i want a yoda unleashed with a detachable hand for his saber and when he is absorbing the lightning! that could be the best and most likely rarest yet!
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    Personally, I can't wait till they come out with Ewoks Unleashed devouring a stormtrooper...

    Yub, yub!

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    Originally posted by JediBoulton
    Also, Luke hanging from the weather vain or in the Hoth cave would look awsome!!--Perhaps a Luke on Dagobah looking over a slain Vader with his face...THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!
    it would be really cool if the base for bespin luke could attach to the vader one!

    the dagobah luke would be really cool too! good idea!
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    I don't collect them, they're just too expensive for me to get a bunch of them, and I prefer the 3 3/4" figures and ships. The Bespin Vader, for example, was better sculpted and had better accessories than the Unleashed one. But although I don't collect them, I do think I'll get Dooku. He looks awesome. Very majestic and intimidating, just like he should look.
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    My brother got ahold of all three of the Kotobukiya statues from Japan and I must say, those things totally blow away all of the Unleashed figures. Darth Vader and the Clonetrooper are movie perfect, not nearly movie perfect, but truly movie perfect. Anakin looks a little anime-ish, but in a cool way, not like the Unleashed Anakin.

    I hope to be able to get ahold of the Clonetrooper soon. I have nothing against statues, if they are mind-blowingly cool. But the Unleashed just look cheap and shoddy and miss the mark on so many levels.
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    If any of you remember the huge argument (a member was banned) here on how I used a word that means the same thing as "happy" to describe these figures, you would never believe that I love these figures now. What can I say??? People can change. So far I have Jango, Maul and I just picked up Padme and let me just say, she is far from being on the "happy" side and it must of been really cold when she was sculpted. I plan on getting all that are out now. It's just really hard to find them. There's tons of Mauls and Jango's at WM, and I think they are afraid to order the next wave. Way to go Hasbro and I don't go around saying that very much or at all.
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    This poll is not going where you said it was. It doesn't ask what we think of them at all only whether or not we buy them.

    I don't buy them and I think they stink just like the last time Hasbro tried larger figures with no posability or value as anything other than dust collectors. I hope these fail miserably and die the sad death of peg/shelf warmers.

    *Perhaps the poll should reflect the title of the news item on the main page
    MISC: New Poll Asks How You Like Unleashed Figures
    rather than do you collect, more like...

    "What do you think of the unleashed figures?"

    I collect them
    I don't collect them
    I Don't like and think they are a mistake
    I like but I won't be collecting
    I will collect one or two

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    You tell them Jargo!!!!!!
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