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    Talking 2003 Saga Figures At!!!!!!!!!!! click that!
    OMG these figures look sooooo good, a much improved Padme Amidala and a cool new Dooku (not as good as the first Dooku though!)... it also mentions a new Anakin which I'm looking forward to, as far as Mace is concerned.. I think some people might be dissappointed.
    The Padme Amidala looks to be the best of this line, the Obi Wan is cool too, he's got a lightsaber and some cool accessories.
    Ahhhh roll on 2003
    I've attached the new Obi-Wan Kenobi, Acklay Battle
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    Darth Tyranus, Geonosian Escape
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    Padmé Amidala, Droid Factory Chase
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    Tusken Raider, Tatooine Camp Ambush
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    Following those (plus one to-be-announced addition), figures are planned of Anakin Skywalker, Boba Fett, R2-D2, Lama Su, Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee. Stay tuned for preview photos of this wave.

    Looks like those early rumors from Rebelscum are totally true. The one to-be-announced addition should be the Jedi Analysis Droids 2-pack then that was also rumored. I like them all, though I was hoping for a less action posed version of Obi.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Mace Windu, Arena Confrontation

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    yeah, I must admit... I was skeptical about Rebelscum when I saw Anakin Skywalker Wedding Scene but I'm glad the rumours are true.
    I'm glad Obi Wan has a lightsaber, I remember people were hoping he would have one.
    I don't think the new Tyranus is as good as Dooku - Dark Lord and the Mace Windu isn't the best but it's a definite improvement on Geonosian Rescue.
    Padme Amidala looks fantastic, it's so much better than Arena battle Padme, I'll definitely be getting this one to go with the Wedding scene Anakin.. it could be in the droid factory diorama if the new Anakin has a cloak.
    Which of these new figures are you most anticipating???

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    Ok, so the sculpts look better woopie doo. They still have those ridiculous preposed, scene specific look and who needs all the added accesories? I really wish they would do things like they did during POTJ. Simple, accurate sculpts. If a figure can't fit in a 3x5 bag it is way too posed.

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    What is that thing on Windu's back?

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    The new Tyrannus is above and beyond better then the Count Dooku figure. As far as I can tell he appears to have some decent articulation, as well as having a better cape. Mace is good, but I hope the final version the cloak is a bit darker. The arms are a disapoinment though. They appear to be similar to the Nikto Jedi, straight arms with maybe articulated wrists.

    Padme is wonderful, and I love the fact that her base connects to the Deluxe C-3PO's. I wish her cape wasnt so flowing in the wind, but it's cool. Hopefully it's removable because she only wears it for a short while on Geonosis. Infact I love the idea of bases, hasbro needs to put those with more figures. It sure would be a nice addition, and so far Padme, Aayla and the Tusken are confirmed for bases.

    Looking forward to the ones we'll see later this week though the most of all. Lama Su, and Bariss Offee especially. Cool job Hasbro, but now turn back the numbers on main charecters and start cranking out those cool supporting aliens like these two. That's what your best at, so play on those strengths for 2003.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.


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