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    How does Dooku stop all the Droids?

    With the Force? He just waves his finger and they all stop, they couldn't of all seen him.

    They aren't the same as they were in Ep1, with all of them joined together by the Droid Control Ship Computer. They're independent.
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    It's kind of like a Force Calm, only with mechanicals. He essentially neutralized the circuitry into a rest mode.

    But that's not official. What's official is that Lucas needed to stop the plot, have some tension, then wow us with the Gunships so we don't realize that the sheer amount of droids should have already killed all the remaining Jedi, and destroyed the ships soon after.

    It's a Lucas thing. Your enemies can't shoot straight if you're supposed to live.

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    I always thought he had a control device on the balcony that would deactivate all the droids (like if any of the victims ever dealt with the droids and made a plea with something he wanted) so that could be it but I dunno. It was just there so that they could polute with more unneeded CGI shots to show it off.
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    Force users have some control over the mechanical, i.e. Qui Gon telling the droid they are going to Coruscant. Except that one had a primary order that flagged Qui Gon's command. Dooku probably had a code installed in the droids to recognize his force command, or he is just so powerful that he could manipulate them however he felt. Well...... maybe. Anyways, just my thought.

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    I'd suggest he most likely had a "hold" device, as saying he used the force just begs the question as to why Yoda or Mace, jedi just as powerful/ more powerful than Dooku, wouldn't simply do the exact same thing.

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    Well he's on the balcony with Poggle and his lieutenent Sun Rit, Dooku raises his hand and either Poggle of his lieutenent then deactivates the droids - which are of their making - so it's understandable that with their sophisticated war control room, they would have sophisticated monitoring of all aspects of the droid army.
    It's a safe bet that it was the Geonosians who deactivated them for Dooku and on Dooku's ever so subtle command.
    Considering how close to the transmitters the droids are, the signal would be strong enough that it would reach all the droids almost instantaneously. Thus the speed with which Dooku seemed to halt them.

    That's my contribution for the day, thank you.

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    Exactly as Jargo said. Dooku raises his hand, signaling someone to halt the droids for a minute so he can deliver his ultimatium to Mace Windu and the other Jedi's. As well as so that Ki-Adi-Mundi, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, and I think one other can be moved into the circle. As soon as Mace turned down the offer, Dooku called for the Droids to go back into combat mode.

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    See, what's silly about that sequence is that while we are led to believe that all of those droids are once again controlled by a master processor somewhere, GL, in his infinite wisdom, included a shot of one of the Super Battle Droids arrogantly pushing one of the plain ol' Battle Droids out of the way. Arrogance? This implies some kind of individuality which runs counter to the whole Droid Control ship thing. It's not new. He set the precedent in TPM by having a couple of them be smartasses.

    While I'm generally not a fan of having the Force be used so freely as an explanation for why everything in the Star Wars films happens, this is one instance where it would actually help the story if Dooku used that magical power to halt their advance. That would leave room for that individuality of personality that some of those mechanical robots seem to possess.

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    actually I'm pretty sure that SBD was pushing the plain one out of the way because it had just been crippled by laser fire.

    I would imagine there is a command for them not to be impeded by each other.....

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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    actually I'm pretty sure that SBD was pushing the plain one out of the way because it had just been crippled by laser fire.

    I would imagine there is a command for them not to be impeded by each other.....
    I'd have to watch it again to look for that...however, even if that was the case technically, it's too subtle a point to consider as a reason. That brief action bespeaks of the larger improved droid shoving the older model out of the way for reasons of superiority.

    I think that has been George's biggest problem with the Prequels thus far. His exuberance to "explain" things or layer in subtleties, as you suggest with that example, fall apart because a) they are useless points to make, and b) their meaning is lost anyway because the action/explanation is poorly done and is "mistaken" for something else. When you're writing a novel, that stuff is fine because you have the luxury of expanding on an idea, but in a movie, the image or dialogue that you see or hear is all you get. A great Writer/Director can manage it, but a poor one will fail as GL did.


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