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    6 interactive R2's pulled from the shelf. Do I hear a recall?

    2 returned R2's and 4 tried out in the store. All 6 units did not work. Yesterday my wife went to get me an interactive R2, (I told her it was really cool hint, hint),but when she got to TRU in Burbank CA, there weren't any left. She asked about them at the customer service counter and the manager told her that all 6 units they got in were defective, something about wires not being connected at the factory.(like a TRU manager would know) Is it a rare case or is there any other reports of this problems? I hope not.
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    Captain Trips
    I bought one and returned it. It was missing a leg. Kinda funny after getting the gunship that was missing a wing. My patience is wearing pretty thin.

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    It was missing a leg...... Did you get another R2?????
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    Wow, 6 pulled and one missing a leg...

    I ordered mine from a few weeks back, got the R2 last week and mine works fine. Stubborn, but fine.

    Turbowars hope you find a non-defective one.

    Good old quality control.

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    I really want one of these R2s. But there too many BIG Star Wars toys coming out.
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    Captain Trips
    Nope--it was the only one that they had. I decided to save the $$$ for the shuttle.

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    There's a red light on the lower-most front panel of R2 - directly in the middle. It's a wheel-lock. You have to depress it so the lock's not on. They probably did this, but I still wonder...

    If people read the instructions any more. But I did not decide to get this. I'm reconsidering it though. Just not sure.
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