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    I discontinued the subscription because it's 30.00 for Poop and fart jokes on every other page. The other pages have insults for fat and gassy people. The price guide is terribly Stupid. I could even make that magazine better.

    This month's Twisted Toyfate theatre: Hulk and spiderman go to thano's party *sigh*

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    Um, what issue did you see a Thanos TTT?
    Jon Gutierrez
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    I actually like the Twisted Theatre, I think it is pretty funny. Nice to see you at this board too DasGoot.
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    DasGoot - I am impressed that a real representative is discussing this stuff in the forums. Thank you very much.

    Now for my opinion. Toyfare sucks big-time! (SSSHHHH, I buy Toyfare almost every month...but I don't want my fellow forumites to think I am a brown-noser). In truth, though, I was devistated by the loss of White's Guide. Not as much entertainment, but a more comprehensive list of variations.

    Seriously...Toyfare really appears to me to be geared toward scalpers. That is a general staement that I will only back up as far as to say that a I read too many reiterations as to how much money a figure should bring. And the fact that I actually see scalpers at Frank-N-Sons collectible show referring to Toyfare to set their prices. I appreciate the price guide (and look forward to you improving it) but from what I have seen, the prices listed there are over twice what you will really get anywhere. And there are so many missing entries of card and figure variations and errors (there is not even a listing for the E1 Yoda with the the Episode 1 correction on the card) that I do not envy you your task.

    I probably don't have to tell you what an outstanding resource SSG can be for getting a impressive (if not perfect) listing of variations (I am sure you won't want to go into errors). And how useful ebay can be to find out what people are REALLY paying for figures.

    And here is hoping that you don't get gagged from coming in and at least disspelling some negativity about the mag.
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    I would like to see the price guide dropped as a monthly feature and perhaps done bi-annually. I think the biggest problem with it is that it just can't keep up monthly with the new figures and demand for older figures. Because it tries to price new figures (even those that have only been out for a few weeks and are still being released) the price guide is extremely subjective to fads. Only after 6 months to a year do we really know what figure might be worth.
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    I'm certainly not gearing the guide towards scalpers. In fact, since I came on, I've switched it from mainly relying on store prices to going by ebay sales, which I think better reflects the market. I still consult stores to see what thier going prices are, but what they've got them priced at doesn't really tell me how many of them are selling at that price. In most cases, that means I've cycled down prices considerably.

    As for the Star Wars listings, yeah, they're not complete. Unfortunately, double checking lines takes up so much time that I haven't had a chance to get all of them in working order. It took me two months to get the Transformers listings set with the help of a couple experts and I just finished three months of work getting the Joe listings taken care of. Star Wars is my next priority, but as you said, it's going to take time.

    Exhaust port,

    Yeah, the guide can be susceptible to fads, especially the mad rush to find toys when they first come out. When I came on, I talked it over with my superiors and I think we came out with a workable solution. If it's a rare toy that's still in stores but hard to find, like say, Trap Jaw, I'll put it in the guide at retail price for the first month. That gives it some time for the initial speculation to die down before I start dealing with secondary market prices. If it's a figure that's no longer being sold when I put it in the guide, like say, Jorge Sacul, I'll put a specific note saying, "When we went to press, this figure was selling for between $75 and $200 online. We will provide you more accurate info as prices stabilize." I've heard of scalpers pointing to price guides months after their out of date to justify high prices because of that intial price rush and I'd rather not give them any more ammunition than I have to.

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    Sounds good DasGoot.
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

    I'm in love with the women of Univision.

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    Sounds good to me to!
    My wife treats me like an ATM machine. She pushes my buttons until I give her money.


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