Ahem, the new toyfare arrived the other day, with the headline
"Simpsons Shocker ! The celebrity toy you won't believe. Plus: Playset Previews"

'Hmm, what could that be?' I wondered . . . so I flip to the inside, and see the picture I've attached below. Imagine my delight ! :happy: I can't believe they are actually doing him ! :happy:

Oh, but then I read the preview in tiny print off to the left:
"We couldn't wait any longer, so we went ahead and made the Simpsons celebrity toys we most want to see!"

Frankly, I'm peeved because their cover should not be so misleading.

I will however say they made some very cool customs, if interested I will share more (since many of you gave up on Toyfare ).

The last custom they showed was Stephen Hawking, and apparently Playmates is actually going to make him !