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    You'll find many of us on this site loved TPM. Myself included.

    It's not that we don't notice the stuff that's wrong with the movie (less than stellar CG, childish antics, wooden acting, contrived storytelling, midichlorians); we just love it nonetheless.

    Hey, on the old Forums, I started a "Friends of Jar Jar" thread.
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    The lightsaber fight at the end was the best part of the movie.
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    Originally posted by ki-adi mundi's bro
    well...then you guys DO like TPM...huh???
    Originally posted by ki-adi mundi's bro
    that's okay if you don't LOVE it...just like it in some way...
    Hmm... I like it as a doorstop, I like it as a paperweight, do those count? To be honest, I don't really like the movie that much, that's what I was trying to subtly point out in my last post. I like many other elements of Star Wars though.
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    my favorite part? At the very end credits. Why you may ask? Because of Darth Vader's mechanical breathing, I just love it.

    But in the actually movie, when Anakin blows the droid control ship. The music and action onscreen really come together to make it a powerful scene.
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    They do? I must have missed that bit when I fell asleepzzzzzzzz...

    I like the snow right at the end of the tape when the movie is finally over and I can wake up.

    Actually any moment Pernilla August is on screen is my favourite. She was vastly underused IMO

    The other favourite bit is when Qui-Gon gets stabbed right through by Maul. I cheered when the dumb Jedi bit the dust. Liked seeing Obi-Wan get kicked around too

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    what happended to you, jagro? ....neveryoumind...

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    That's J.A.R.G.O. thank you not jagro. And i take it you mean the personal icon? I'm travelling incognito, shhhhhhhh - tell no-one, it's a secret okay?

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    My favourite part would be the scene that Gasgano Talked BUT he never did so I have no Favourite part!Although I do like the beginning
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    Interesting no one has yet mentioned the pod race scene. I find it to be the most darkest part of the movie. Sebulba is killing racers right and left, racers are crashing into caves and exploding, Anakin shows why Obi-Wan thinks he's a good pilot.

    Has anyone seen Flåklypa Grand Prix on which the pod race has been supposedly based on?

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    Originally posted by snakeplkn
    Anakin shows why Obi-Wan thinks he's a good pilot.
    But Obi-Wan didn't see the race. He was at the queen's starship.


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