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    Thumbs up whats your favirote part of TFM?

    mine is the deleted scene when qui-gonn and ani are going to say goodbye to jira...and ani's scuffle with's the only darkness we see of anikan in TFM.

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    TFM? You mean TPM?

    My favorite part is the end lightsaber duel.

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    Thumbs up

    I also agree on the final battle (without the sad demise of DM...cutted in half???) and i like when OB1 Qui Gonn and Jar Jar are in the Bongo heading to the Naboo Capital.
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    I also can't get enough of Qui-Gon sticking his lightsaber into that door. I've been waiting to see something like that for a long time.

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    well...then you guys DO like TPM...huh???

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    Well, my favirote part of The Fantom Menace (sorry, KAM's bro couldn't resist ) has to be the final battle between Ob1 and Maul after Qui-Gonn's demise, when the shield wall drops and them two just have at it!! One of the coolest fight scenes ever!
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    yeah..that is preety cool...i like how they did it when i watched the begging on dvd...
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    I don't love the film, but the question is "what's your favorite part", so from that, I'd say my favorite part is the opening battle of the film with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon against battle droids.
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    that's okay if you don't LOVE it...just like it in some way...

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    Originally posted by ki-adi mundi's bro
    well...then you guys DO like TPM...huh???
    I don't recall ever saying that I never liked TPM. In fact, in the old forums I started an I love TPM thread.


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