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    Tears of the Sun

    i just saw this film, and i think it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. about 2/3rd of the movie was filmed at night, and it was so dark that i could barley see anything. the story was completely stupid and un-realistic and the gun fights looked like something out of the A-Team. willis and his seals were just walking in a straight line thru the jungle blasting away. i expected jessie ventura and his mini-gun to pop up at any second.

    this could of been a really good film, but the writer and director just blew it. about the first hour and 45 minutes are just willis and his crew walking thru the jungle with a bunch of refugees.

    if you want to watch a good military film, pop "saving private ryan" or "black hawk down" in your DVD player.


    this movie is pretty much a rip-off of "three kings", which i thought was pretty good. but in "three kings", i actually was interested in the american and iraq characters, even the bad guy. but in "tears of the sun", i connected with no characters on either side. this movie should of been a straight to video clunker starring steven segal.
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    i only saw the tv spot for this flick, and it didn't look bad. but then again i thought black hawk down was boring so maybe i might still enjoy it.
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    The CG in the TV commercial was pretty bad, but I still had pretty high expectations for this movie (given the director's previous success with Training Day). Yours is the third negative review I've read, so I might need to avoid this one.
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    I thought it was a good movie - very good, actually. But I will admit that it goes slow to start. They are (like mentioned) just walking through the jungle. And it almost seems that when they reach the helicopter that the movie could be over: "mission's done, let's go home" kind of thing. But it definitely picks up.
    I don't see how this was anywhere near a rip-off of Three Kings. It was my understanding that in Three Kings, they were trying to steal gold. How does this rip that off at all? Maybe just the refugee element (but I don't really remember them helping refugees for very long)
    The fire fights were awesome and there was a lot of suspense through them. And the first one, during the "ethnic cleansing" was powerful to me. They were standing up and doing the right thing - which was basically what they were doing through the whole movie. There are a lot of parts like that. That they're doing the right thing.
    I'd say that if you like Bruce Willis and you like military movies, then at least give this one a shot. I liked Black Hawk Down too (there were a few elements of that in Tears), but I didn't like Saving Private Ryan. It's a matter of tastes, I guess, but I really liked this one.

    End... :happy:

    P.S. Can anyone get me the full written quote at the end? And who it was said by? It was something to the affect of: "The only way to let evil triumph is when good men do nothing"
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    I don't see how this was anywhere near a rip-off of Three Kings
    in both films, the soldiers were intending to do one thing, but changed their minds and ending up helping the refugees. bruce willis would of got court martialed for doing what he did, but his C/O, tom skerrit, didn't seem to of minded at all.

    but i'm glad you liked the movie. at least you got your money's worth.


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