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Thread: Vanilla Sky

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    Vanilla Sky

    Seen it for the first time. It was like a twacked out, dramaticzed,
    Total Recall.
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    I liked it all the way up to the end when everything was revealed. I won't say any more for those who haven't seen it, but the end was lame IMO.

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    I liken watching Vanilla sky to the experience of looking for a number in the phone book:


    Utterly useless

    and it feels like you've lost 10 hours of your life.

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    I bought the movie, thinking that I would like it. What was I thinking? I hated it!
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    Yeah, it has to be the gheyest movie I have ever seen, or close to it.

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    Um no offense, but what are you guys talking about? Vanilla Sky was an awesome movie, one of the years best! Tom Cruise was a great choice for that character and Kurt Russell gave the best performance of his lifetime. Definitly a movie to watch.
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    Did you like Royal Tenenbaums, by any chance?

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    Hey now....I LIKE Royal Tenenbaums a LOT!
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    Nexu, that's enough Tenenbaum bashing out of you.


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