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    How many Clonetroopers do you have?

    I've only got,

    2 Red Clonetroopers
    1 Preview Clonetrooper

    You guys?

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    I have 4 reds and six whites......a little paint and maybe 3 reds, 1 blue and six whites.
    Collect 2 Collect (if you see someone damaging stuff kick them in the shorts!)
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    My Clones:

    2 Red
    7 Preview

    The person that should be answering this question is Runobot. I've seen his Clone Army. Maybe I'll PM him this thread.

    Now if you ask me about Stormies - 45-50ish.

    Just imagine if they all came to life, I think that many action figures could take you out...
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    11 Preview - 10 Open
    2 Red - 1 Open.

    I wish I had more..
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    2 Preview, 1 Red. Looking forward to the Yellow/Pilot.

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    I have several. Shall we get the rulers out now boys???
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    i have one preveiw and one red

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    1 and 1, and I'm still not convinced I needed that many.

    I will be getting 2 pilots though, and at least 2 deluxe troopers w/speederbike.
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    I have 3 Preview and 1 red. I plan on getting 4 yellows for my Gunship. (2 pilots and 2 turret gunners.)
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    I have four white ones and one red one out of package, and one white one in the package... six all together.


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