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    Palisades Is Awesome! Just Awesome!

    That might be strong praise right now, but I'm thinking they really deserve it, and I will tell you why.
    I purchased their first set of Resident Evil figures (Leon, Nemesis, Nosferatu, Zombie Soldier) on Ebay. These figures are amazing with detail, paint apps, even articulation. Not to mention that I'm a huge fan of the RE video game.
    Anyway, that is not the reason I'm giving them a standing ovation right now, even though they truly deserve one in that department.
    Tonight, I'm talking about customer service. You see, I still think they have awesome quality on the figures, but sometimes things can happen - that's just how the world works. And in saying so, my Nosferatu figure had a little mishap. There is an arm that comes in two pieces, one part fitting in to the back of the figure, the other, obviously, snapping onto the first part. Anyway, cutting a longer story shorter (), the little tab that holds the second section ripped off.
    I immediately notified Palisades of what had happened. I had emailed late at night, probably right before midnight, and first thing in the morning, I found a reply. First, they suggested I return the figure to the store, to which I replied that I couldn't as I bought them online. So, a little while later I get another reply with them telling me to send it back to them and they'd get a new one sent right out to me.
    Now that's class...that's great. And to top that all off, I sent the figure two days ago, they got it and are going to be sending the new one out tomorrow for me. How great is that?
    I've only ever dealt with one other company about returning an item, and that was Hasbro. Granted, Hasbro offered to pay the shipping charges (they sent a pre-paid label), but it was such a hassle trying to bother with them. It wasn't direct like this, and I sure didn't hear from them within days of my complaint. It took over 6 weeks to get my figure back (I had sent them a defective Eeth Koth figure), and when I did finally receive something, it turns out they had sent me a Ketwol figure.... Ketwol? That's how they get rid of their junk, it seems. By sending it to people for returns .
    Oh, I know that Hasbro is a bigger company, but they could try to be a little more direct. And I know that sometimes an item isn't available, so they have to send something, but c'mon, a Ketwol? Anything else at the time would have been good - it seems they know nothing of consumer relations and/or the "pulse" of the collector's market. Palisades, on the other hand, I'm quite pleased with. These figures were released a while ago, and they still have one on hand!
    I will definitely be continuing giving them business in the future...
    I just thought I'd pass this along.

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    Palisades is a cool company. I bought several of their 12" Reservoir Dogs figures. They are excellent figures, but they can't hold their numerous accessories because their hands are too stiff. I wish Palisades had released that Star Trek Captain Kirk and Roddenberry figure set, that would have been cool.
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    Anyone got the new Micronauts from these people yet?

    Reviews, please.


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    If only they could've released that Gene and Kirk set.

    From the pics they had they were doing such awesome work on those sets, but then they were canceled.
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