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    Price is Right is pretty good. It sucks they don't have many game shows on during the daytime. Wasn't there one point in time they had Wheel of Fortune on three times a day? I thought it was like in the morning,then before primetime,then again before they showed the local news. Or am I wrong?

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    Re: The Price is Right is the best gameshow ever!

    Originally posted by JediTricks
    the only part of the show that doesn't quite deliver IMO is the actual final showcase game between the two winners of the two showcase showdowns, somehow the showcases are never quite grand enough and the bidders NEVER bid within the $250 difference to get both showcases.
    Not 40 minutes after I typed this, the final showcase battle began. An old guy who had been QUITE confused throughout the show had not won anything but got to the final showcase, he didn't get an option at the first showcase, and a younger guy had won... um, a car I think during his main game so he got the choice of showcases. The younger guy's showcase had a killer pair of mini-powerboats as the main prize and he decided to bid after MUCH deliberation... he listened to the audience and began his bid at $60,000, but never finished his price because OBVIOUSLY it was too high. He milked this bid for nearly 3 minutes, finally settling down at $22,900. The old guy's showcase had a set of towels, a trip to Death Valley, and a sweet hot tub, he wasn't sure if he was supposed to bid on one or all of it, he finally bid $32,000, IIRC. After the commercial, Bob read the actual retail price on the old guy's showcase first, he was merely $700 beneath the actual price... then Bob read the younger guy's showcase price... he was $107 beneath the actual price and won both showcases, his final day's take was over 60 grand between the car, the first item, and the 2 showcases! He didn't even know he won the old guy's showcase as well, when he found out, he exploded with even MORE joy, and I felt like a total tool for posting the quoted comment above.

    Chux, I know the game you're talking about, I think it's creatively called "Mountain Climber" and I don't know why, but it and the "Pushover" game are quite entertaining to me, I guess simply because stuff falls down. I bet the chicken soup thing had something to do with you being sick and watching the show, but it sure is an out-there one.

    GSJ, I always think of "Let's Make a Deal" as the show with the goat, because there was often a goat behind curtain #3. I guess if you look at Chux's "chicken soup" thing, my comments make a little more sense since they're in the same vein.

    Bel-Cam, the song Weird Al did, a parody of "Our Love's in Jeopardy", is actually focused on the ORIGINAL version of Jeopardy with Don Pardo as the announcer and Art Flemming as the host (both appear in the video, Pardo appears on the song as well)

    Barada, did you know that before TPIR, Bob Barker hosted (throughout it's entire run) the 2nd-longest-running gameshow in TV history, Truth or Consequences, for 18 years? So he's hosted 48 years of 2 of the longest-running gameshows on TV, I'm beginning to think we NEVER saw him on TPIR with his original hair color.

    I never heard about some woman breaking his leg, but I wouldn't at all be surprised. It's funny too, because he's clearly been mauled by tons of women over the years, yet he still lets them hug and kiss him.

    Is "Hole in One" the golf game, or something else? There's a handful of games where, when I first see them, I know it's going to end in major disappointment. "The Dice Game" is never among them.

    Yesterday, in the ep I mentioned above, they offered 2 cars AND a van! A few days ago, they offered one guy a $70,000 boat (it was a beauty too, he didn't win but he came close). Barker spent a minute explaining how it took them forever to get this boat into the studio, and the guy lost the game in less time than it took to tell the story!

    Fulit, Bob Barker's performance in Happy Gilmore was the high point of that film, and he got to show off a little of the karate he learned from Chuck Norris while stomping Adam Sandler.

    LBC, I was thinking about how TPIR is the only daytime game show on TV anymore, it really is strange too. I guess the staying power comes from the multitude of games instead of just one gimmicky game. Is "Spelling Bee" the one where Bob ends up putting his hand through various letters and pulls out cards with cash amounts or other stuff on 'em? All I know for certain is that game is shaped like a bee hive.

    I remember that Press Your Luck incident, I always thought it was weird that he was the only guy to figure out the pattern of the lights, I was just a kid but I could predict every move. (Then again, that doesn't mean I could actually have applied that info yet this guy did.)

    I never got into Card Sharks and Pyramid, but I watched "Password" with that creepy whispering announcer, "the password is: mortifying". I also watched WAY too much Family Feud until Ray Combs kicked the bucket. He was a pretty good replacement for Richard Dawson, who will always be the host for that show.

    BTW, did you know that there actually was a 30-minute The Price is Right from 1956? It had Don Pardo as the announcer and Bill Cullen as the host, it ran for 9 years. Basically, I gather it was just 30 minutes of the opening bidding game between the 4 contestants from the current show, with different rules and a build-up game play (that's right, no showcases, no Plinko, etc). The current TPIR is now in its 30th season, and its 15th with announcer Rod Roddy.
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    Gotta Luv TPIR!
    Yep - Plinko is the best game, IMO, and the "Yodeler" game is great, too.
    bigbarada - I'll have to test your 'every 2nd & 5th gets a car' theorem. If it really holds-up, then that is a great catch by you!
    I got to sit in the front row for one episode back in the 70's. It is really hard to see when you watch on TV, but there's one lady who sits there during every show, who's job it is to help the contestants standing at the front to bid, telling them when & where to sit/stand, and other stuff.
    As with all tv shows, the sets look even more (if possible) cheesey and much less glamorous in-person. You wouldn't believe how much of that stuff is just spray-painted sculpted styrofoam block. It looks more substantial on tv.
    I haven't seen it much for the last 5 years, but I hope they've replaced some of the models by now. Geeze, a couple of 'em were looking pretty high-mileage last time I watched.
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    almost forgot.....

    My other favorite game show was the Gong Show!!!!!
    The host, Chuck Barris, and the usual gang of celebs on the panel - Juicy JP Morgan, Pat McCormick, Paul Williams, et al, single-handedly kept the nation of Columbia's economy afloat during the mid-to-late 70's. These guys were so buzzed during the tapings that the mics were practically picking up the hum. And this isn't my guesswork or "a friend of a friend told me...." - I was on the inside. But they were all pretty much the nicest folks you could ever know.
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    Posted by JT: but I watched "Password" with that creepy whispering announcer, "the password is: mortifying".
    I still use that whisper to say many things, such as "The password is: nondisestablishmentarianism," or "The password is: the." It's great!

    My list (ooh! ooh! Lists!) of favorite game shows, in no real order:

    1. Jeopardy! (yes, JT, I knew the Weird Al song!)
    2. Win, Lose or Draw
    3. Concentration
    4. Joker's Wild
    5. Press Your Luck
    6. Sale of the Century
    7. Super Password
    8. Tic Tac Dough
    9. The Algebra Show (NOT! Did anyone have to endure this atrocity in math classes? ugh!)
    10. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (gotta be honest, I like it)
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    Originally posted by hamsterboy
    Price is Right is pretty good. It sucks they don't have many game shows on during the daytime. Wasn't there one point in time they had Wheel of Fortune on three times a day? I thought it was like in the morning,then before primetime,then again before they showed the local news. Or am I wrong?
    I think your right Hamsterboy. Wheel of Fortune had a daytime and a nighttime version of the show at the same time. I believe Pat hosted both, but I do remember Bob Goen of Entertainment Tonight fame hosting during Pat Sajak's leave to host an ill-fated talk show. Also, a man named Rolf Bershnike (sp?) hosted too. I am guessing the daytime version was axed in 1989, the same year all of the networks got rid of their daytime gameshows (Except TPIR)

    Incidentally, Family Feud with Richard Dawson, and Match Game (Match Game PM--you can read an article about Brian Billick (sp?) of the Baltimore Ravens appearance, in this week's Sports Illustrated) with Gene Rayburn where two shows that had a day and a night time version at the same time. Usually the nighttime version only ran 1 day a week, and jackpots were doubled because of that.

    The Price is Right had a nighttime show hosted by Tom Kennedy (Name that Tune, Whew!) in the mid 80's and one in the 90's (I forget the hosts name) but that was axed because of low ratings.
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    re: Jeopardy

    It's funny, but Jeopardy never even entered into my mind in this discussion. I've been watching faithfully ever since it was hosted by Art Phleghm way back in the day. I think it is on such a higher plateau than anything like TPIR, that I never thought of it as a game show. But, in the end, I guess that's what it is. So, I ammend my previous posts to say Jeopardy is, without question, the best game show of all time.

    But, if IQ is factored out of the equation, then I'm back to TPIR & The Gong Show.

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    Was the Gong Show really a "game show"? I thought of it more like Star Search, which certainly is NOT a game show. Poor, poor Ed McMahon.

    Bel-Cam, I do the same thing! "The password is... oily." I totally forgot about "Win, Lose, or Draw", I used to watch that one quite a bit along with "To Tell the Truth".

    LBC, Wheel of Fortune and TPIR both had several syndicated versions with different hosts. They're planning on doing this with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "The Weakest Link", both of which are going to be with different hosts 5 days a week.

    Hey Swaffy, regarding your "Jeopardy!" comments about being above the other game shows, five and a half words: Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy on VH1
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    re: "Was the Gong Show really a "game show"?"

    JT - that sounds like one of those questions from SNL's sketch "Cawfee Tawk - with Linda Richman"

    Linda: "Gong Show - game show or talent search? Tawk amongst yawselves [insert karate kid sand-the-floor hand motions here]"

    But, I guess you're right JT. It would be more of a talent search than a game show, as they didn't make the contestants do any games to win anything. I guess I was focusing more on the celeb panel aspect than the show format.

    As for R&R Jeopardy, I don't consider it "real" Jeopardy. And you're right to label it down with the rest of the common game show fare.
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    Does anyone like"Win Ben Stein's Money"? I know it was a lot better before Jimmy Kimmel left the show, but it still has it's moments.
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