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    Originally posted by GNT
    We had our own version here in Australia, although due to poor ratings it got cancelled I enjoyed it mostly
    Trust me, it get dang old dang fast.

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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Does anyone like"Win Ben Stein's Money"? I know it was a lot better before Jimmy Kimmel left the show, but it still has it's moments.
    I used to watch this ALL the time, but when they got that woman to replace Kimmel, the show just sucked eggs. I used to love the way Stein would go off whenever someone answered in Jeopardy style.
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    Ben Stein was nothing without Jimmy Kimmel. Nancy Pimento (or whatever) is not really funny, IMO.

    Anyone ever go on a game show? Or try out? I sent in a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to Jeopardy! but apparently you were supposed to mail in a postcard. They probably figured if this kid (I was about 15, I think) can't follow our simple instructions, he can't be even considered. Someone I knew in college was on the new Family Feud, but they lost in the last round with only 199 points (you need 200 to get the jackpot). D'oh!
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    Wheel of Fortune and TPIR both had several syndicated versions with different hosts. They're planning on doing this with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "The Weakest Link", both of which are going to be with different hosts 5 days a week.
    JT, yes I heard that too. The Weakest Link will not have Anne Robinson as host (I guess she is going back to England). They picked her replacement, some no-name loser. Also, Rosie O'Donnell was rumored to be hosting a revival of Let's Make A Deal but negotiations fell through at the last minute (due to money reasons no less).

    And I was aware of that old Price is Right show with Bill Cullen. Game Show network sometimes airs old episodes on Black n White Sunday. I also remember the show gave away a lot of exotic prizes.

    I'll throw out some more old gameshows and see how many of them ya'all remember. Some should be easy.

    Fun House
    Super Pay Cards
    Treasure Hunt
    High Rollers
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    I was always a big fan of Let's make a Deal and Press your Luck.
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    re: "Anyone ever go on a game show? Or try out?"

    I had an appointment to show up for a tryout for Jeopary back in the early 80's. I chickened out and didn't go. I can answer most of the questions when I watch, but I know it would be a whole different thing to be there. I tried those phone questions to get on "...Millionaire," and choked on them big-time. They weren't even hard, but when they said you only have "x" time limit to answer, my heart started beating fast and I got the muther of all mental blocks. Oh well...
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    Yeah, Nancy Pimental is a total shrubbery compared to Jimmy Kimmel, she has the personality of a damp sponge.

    If I were ever inclined to go on a gameshow, there'd be no question that I'd go on TPIR - the chances of actually WINNING something are way way way way WAY higher there than on any other gameshow thanks to the law of averages (9 people get picked from the audience every game to bid for a chance to get up on stage, 6 people out of those 9 actually get up on stage by winning a prize, and every bidder who doesn't appear on stage still gets a prize that's not too shabby). Dunno if I actually COULD do this though.

    LBC, I remember none of those, unless you're referring to the awesome Monopoly game from the early '90s during ABC's summer of gameshows (it aired after or before Super Jeopardy! and looked like a LOT of fun).

    The "Let's Make a Deal" brand name has been in SO much trouble ever since the incident with the Florida phone-in lawsuit. I'm not entirely clear what the issue was, but for weeks, the producers of this phone-game were forced by court order to buy ads in TV guide that detailed how to get your hands in the class action lawsuit.

    Swaf-o, I know exactly what you mean, it's the pressure of the clock that is a freak-out to me.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I remember Fun House. I used to love that show.
    Does anybody remember the game show Scrabble?

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    Scrabble was an okay game. I remember when USA aired repeats I used to watch it, but the game was a little too tame for my tastes.

    Win Ben Stein's $$$ is a funny show to watch. Jimmy Kimmel certainly is the funnier of the two co-hosts (If I'm not mistaken they announced they canned that Nancy girl). I especially like it when Ben knows the answer to something, gets it wrong, and then drops an F-bomb (which of course is blotted out). He also gets so po'd when he stumbles at the end of the game and someone beats him. He usually throws the money at the contestant and then checks the questions over as if they were a mistake.

    and yes JT Monopoly was that show in the early 90's that aired in primetime on NBC. I don't remember much about the show except the cool theme music (roll the dice, it's paradise). It got canned after a few weeks.

    Fun House was a teen's show in where contestants used to wacky games (like stick their head in a pie). At the end of the show, contestants would rip apart a house and look for envelopes which contained $$$ or prizes.

    High Rollers was a dice game, with Wink Martendale, they used to air repeats on USA in the early 90's. I think Alex Trebek hosted a version in the 70's

    Super Pay Cards was a gameshow I used to see everyday on the Canadian stations in are area (cuz it was Canadian produced), but it aired in the states.

    Wipeout was a late 80's show with Peter Tomarken, in where contestants were given screens with, for instance, 18 languages. Contestants had to pick out from the 18, the ones that were Romance languages.

    Treasure Hunt was a cheesy 70's and early 80's show in where contestants had to pick from 64 gift wrapped packages for prizes. They only allowed two picks per show. One of the boxes had a check for $50,000. Some of the boxes contained things like a can of turtle wax while others had nice trips and stuff.
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    The one game show I always wanted to go on was Double Dare, from Nickelodoen. That show looked awesome! The questions were easy for me, and the stunts made me want to create my own obstacle course (never did). I always did really well on Scrabble clues, often guessing them before the first letter was shown, yet, as SWAFMAN noted, this was in the comfort and low anxiety of my own home.
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