Ok, now this show is cheesy, hasn't changed much in 20 years, and gets people to act like complete fools sometimes, but is this show great or what? There are a ton of different games varying from ridiculously simple to complicated to just plain fun (Plinko obviously being the best), and even the item bidding to get on stage to play a game wins someone a prize EVERY TIME! There's the famous catch-phrases like "____ ____, come on down!!!" and "please remember to spay and neuter your pets". There's Rod Roddy's hideously-fascinating outfits, the somehow never quite dressed models, and Bob Barker's thin little microphone. Then there's the showcase showdown, where a giant wheel can make grown men squeel with glee as that magical one dollar comes rolling around; the only part of the show that doesn't quite deliver IMO is the actual final showcase game between the two winners of the two showcase showdowns, somehow the showcases are never quite grand enough and the bidders NEVER bid within the $250 difference to get both showcases. Sure, this show is low-brow and basically just a string of ads for various products, but I bet when you're sick at home and you flip CBS on, nothing's quite as fun as watching some grandmother ravage poor lanky, gaunt Bob Barker with hugs and kisses as she wins a bottle of ketchup, a new stereo, and a pair of jet-skis... and heads on over to the big wheel. Sure, Jeopardy tests brains, Who Wants to be a Millionaire has high-tech lights and music, and the New Hollywood Squares has replaced the late Paul Lynde with the not-so-late Bruce Valanche, but I bet TPIR is the game show that's still gets you to cheer whenever Rod Roddy exclaims "it's a brand new car!"

Am I wrong or am I right?