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    Cool The Price is Right is the best gameshow ever!

    Ok, now this show is cheesy, hasn't changed much in 20 years, and gets people to act like complete fools sometimes, but is this show great or what? There are a ton of different games varying from ridiculously simple to complicated to just plain fun (Plinko obviously being the best), and even the item bidding to get on stage to play a game wins someone a prize EVERY TIME! There's the famous catch-phrases like "____ ____, come on down!!!" and "please remember to spay and neuter your pets". There's Rod Roddy's hideously-fascinating outfits, the somehow never quite dressed models, and Bob Barker's thin little microphone. Then there's the showcase showdown, where a giant wheel can make grown men squeel with glee as that magical one dollar comes rolling around; the only part of the show that doesn't quite deliver IMO is the actual final showcase game between the two winners of the two showcase showdowns, somehow the showcases are never quite grand enough and the bidders NEVER bid within the $250 difference to get both showcases. Sure, this show is low-brow and basically just a string of ads for various products, but I bet when you're sick at home and you flip CBS on, nothing's quite as fun as watching some grandmother ravage poor lanky, gaunt Bob Barker with hugs and kisses as she wins a bottle of ketchup, a new stereo, and a pair of jet-skis... and heads on over to the big wheel. Sure, Jeopardy tests brains, Who Wants to be a Millionaire has high-tech lights and music, and the New Hollywood Squares has replaced the late Paul Lynde with the not-so-late Bruce Valanche, but I bet TPIR is the game show that's still gets you to cheer whenever Rod Roddy exclaims "it's a brand new car!"

    Am I wrong or am I right?
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    You know the game where they have to guess prices and the cardboard boy climbs the mountain as it plays yodeling music, and if someone overbids, the boy falls off the cliff at the end? (I have no idea what it's called, and that's about the best I can describe it.)

    As a very young boy, I was convinced--for whatever reason--that there was a giant bowl of chicken soup that the boy fell into. I watched the show religiously up until I started school, hoping to see the bowl of chicken soup.

    I know, I'm weird.
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    Red face nope! let's make a deal! now there was a game show for the ages!

    pick me monty! pick me!

    do you keep the money, or would you like to trade it in for what's behind curtain #2 which the lovely carol merril is standing next too..................

    you have chosen to give up the money and take what is behind curtain #2, ....... you have won...............a dozen lacating anteaters!

    i loved that show!
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    Um, I guess I should clarify that the game I referred to was one of the games in The Price Is Right. D'oh!
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    I don't know. Press Your Luck was good. Think about it: "Big money! Big money! No Whammies! ...annnnnnd, STOP!" Then the Whammie does something "cute" and "funny" and takes away all your cash. But from a quality standpoint, you can't beat Jeopardy! Hey, Weird Al did a song about it! But what was it called... ? I've lost it.
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    The Price is Right was my favorite show as a kid!! I even remember watching it when Bob Barker had brown hair!

    Didn't some lady tackle him and break his leg on one episode? I definitely remember seeing him on crutches for several shows.

    That yodeller game is really cool, EC but I also liked Plinko!!

    I think Hole in One is the worst though. You just know the contestant has lost the prize right off the bat.

    BTW, every 2nd and 5th contestant is offered a new car. Like clockwork. They usually try to psyche them out by offering some lame prize like an easel, after they get a shot of the disappointed look on their face then they offer them the car. Cool stuff.
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    I have always hated gameshows, but my 2 year old son loves the Price Is Right, and since he's started watching it, I find myself watching it even when he's not home. It's addictive, and some of the freaks they get to "come on down" are more entertaining than the actual games. Plus you gotta love Bob Barker for his role in Happy Gilmore.
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    I don't care much for game shows either ever since Who wants to be a millionaire came with all of those other rip-off of it.

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    We had our own version here in Australia, although due to poor ratings it got cancelled I enjoyed it mostly
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    Talking my area of expertise

    Cool, I get to talk about Star Wars and gameshows on these forums! You can't get any better than that. I often said one of the best days in my life was that one day in Nov. 1999 when my family got Satellite TV--and of course the Game Show Network (Oh how I wasted my life.)

    TPIR with Bob Barker is hands down probably the most loved gameshow in America ever. Consider that it has been on the air since 1972, almost 30 years! And with the same host! (God Bless Bob Barker). Of course the show is an hour long and there are a lot of pricing games to play. My favorites are the Spelling Bee, Punch-a-bunch (formerly Punch Out!) and Master Key.

    Also consider that in the mid 1970s, ABC, CBS, and NBC had something like 25 gameshows on it's morning and afternoon schedule. Today it is down to 1--TPIR on CBS. Pointless soap operas, talk shows and court TV have taken over the daytime. Many of them have failed. I think it's been over a decade since one of the networks tried a gameshow on in the morning.

    But here are my personal fav game shows and an explanation of them in case your memory is hazy:

    5) Press Your Luck with Peter Tomarken -- A very exciting show that aired in the mid 80's where contestants had to avoid the whammy to snag cash and prizes. Like Bel-Cam Jos said everytime a contestant landed on a whammy, a little cute animated whammy came on (sometimes singing Michael Jackson, Boy George) to take your money. This was a game where how smart you were meant very little. I remember watching this show before I went to kindergarten. I'm suprised this show had only one run--a lot of people my age thought the show was the bomb.
    Can be seen on GSN at 1:30 and 9:30 ( : (Incidentally Bill Murrary is supposed to star in a movie about a contestant named Michael Larson, who won over $120,000 in one show in 1984. That was about 10 times the normal winnings per show. The guy memorized the 4 patterns the flashing lights took and landed on Big Bucks all the time. It was also the only show in the games 4 year history that ran over 2 shows.)

    4) The 25,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark -- aired in the late 70s as the 10,000 Pyramid, changed to 25,000 in early 80's and ran late into the decade. Two celebrites teamed up with two contestants to win $$$. A player had to get their partner to say a word by giving clues. Everytime the partner got a word right they'd get a point. Whatever team finished with the most points went to the winner's circle to try for 10,000 (and if the same team won the 2nd game, 25,000). Dick was somewhat of a dry host, but the game was challenging to watch. Also Donny Osmond is supposed to be hosting a reincarnation (titled the 1,000,000 pyramid) but that is on hiatus.

    3) TPIR - see above

    2) Card Sharks with Jim Perry. Aired 1978 - 1981. The first of 4 different versions of the game (there is a new one out in syndication that is almost totally different than the original). Two players were asked a survey question that stated, "We asked 100 people, or 100 statetroopers, or 100 housewives in Phoenix AZ. . . " An example of a typical question was "have you smoked marijuana? Or (asking a 100 woman) "be honest are woman worse drivers than men." The contestant would then give a number (say 37). The other player would than say if he thinks the number was higher or lower. If the number was higher/lower than that person played his cards if not, then the original player did.

    Each player had a deck of 52 cards and the object was to get from the 1st card to the 5th card by saying if the next card was higher or lower (say they had a queen, most would guess the next card would be lower).

    Whoever won two games went on to the Money Cards where a player would be given 200 bucks to bet on three cards on 1 level, another 200 to bet one 3 more cards on the middle level. And at the top was the Big Bet where a player had to wager at least 1/2 their money. A person could win up to $28,800 (a lot of money at that time, that was like 5 automobiles) if they bet it all on all 7 cards. Only one person did that during the run (including the later version with Bob Eubanks), Norma Brown.

    1) Match Game with Gene Rayburn. This show had it all. Catchy 70's theme music, B-list celebrities, spontaneous humor, a wacky host, and Charles Nelson Reilly. Their were two contestants whose job was to match the 6 'celebrity' contestants as many times as they could. Gene would read a statement with a fill-in-the-blank answer (For instance Dolly Parton's chestal area is so big, that she wears T-shirts with the entire (blank) on it.) The stars would write their answers on cards (like the U.S. Constitution, the Old Testament).

    Once everybody was done writing their answers, Gene would ask the contestant to give theirs. If they matched the celebrity they got a point. Whoever had the most points at the end of the show went on to the Super Match where they had to match a celebrity head-to-head, by simply filling in a common phrase or name(blank) Christmas or Mary (blank) If a celebrity matched the contestant, the contestant would win loads of money. The reason I liked this show so much, cuz it is classic 70's. Watch one episode and you will get a feel on how cheesy the era in TV was. This show was revived a couple of times, but none could catch the original flair for the show, and those revivals never lasted more than one season.

    Forgive my little rant. It's one o'clock in the morning, I guess that means Monty Hall is on GSN as I speak. I better tune in and make sure I watch Press Your Luck right after that.
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