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Thread: Bouka Games

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    Unhappy Bouka Games

    I just now had a chance to check out some of the hundred or so Bouka Games going on. And since I was the one to shut down the first one and then re-open it with new rules JT and I came up with, I have a personal intrest in these games.

    What has happened here??? These games use to be fun. Part of the fun was you were locked into ONE game until we ran out of ideas, or names, etc. Now it seems that every other week a new game pops up. And its not discussed what type of Bouka game there should be. If it pops in your head, its a game. Our old games ran for hundreds of replies. Now I see that some of these games end after 80 or so replies. Its sad to see how this game has degerated to such a level.

    I'm sorry about this rant, but after I put time and effort into those other games, and then to come here and see how far its fallen is a little disheartining. Sorry again.
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    Yeah, I agree completley.

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    off Nexu's "y"......


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    Originally posted by Emperor Howdy
    off Nexu's "y"......

    he he he, Howdy, your a nut
    Dar' is no longer "Live in Orlando" . . . he may "Not be in Orlando" either . . .
    You're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

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    I enjoy ALL the Bouka games....even if there are a hundred of them. It gets the fish oil in my brain pumping.
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    I enjoy all the Bouka games too, but I agree with Dar. It's more fun when there's just one of them.

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    I have never really been into the Bouka games really. I just.....well....have a hard time staying interested.
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    The funny thing is, the guy that started 'em all off isn't here now.

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    That's one reason why I haven't been posting in them, they just don't have that spark anymore. It's now just like running gags that have been running for awhile... the jokes in the single Bouka threads were refreshing, but when you've got several Bouka threads going where there are several jokes in each it's just kinda "eh, ok.." after awhile.
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    Maybe if it hadn't been tossed in the garbage pile, we wouldn't treat it like garbage.


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