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Thread: Dooku's saber?

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    Dooku's saber?

    I just ordered a Count Dooku from TRU and was wondering, is the Saber blade removable?

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    No, the blade on the Saga Count Dooku's Lightsaber is not removable, the whole thing is one solid plastic piece. I think they decided, because of the small piece that sticks out near the blade would easily snap off it would be best to do it all as solid plastic. Also the curve could have presented a problem. It looks like the 2003 Darth Tyranus figure's saber blade is removable though.

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    I, for one, am glad it is not removable. I hate it when pegs break, and Dooku's saber is very unique, and it would be hard to replace the blade. Bespin Vader's is too thin, etc.. I don't like removable blades.
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    Double we'll ever see a metal version of Dooku's saber though, it's just got too many unique details for the way they do their metal hilts.

    Oh well, with a removeable blade and if they tweak the figure and don't pollute it with gimmicks, then it should be the best of the two.
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    I really don't see a point to the removeable blades unless there is a hilt that lets you attach it to the Jedi's belt.
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    I really hope that the 2003 Darth Tyranus has a removable blade and the hilt is able to attach at his belt... That would be just wonderful but I think its too much to be asked!!

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    i would just like dooku with his metal hilt and a place on his belt so he can have it handy! that's what all the jedi should, but never will, have.
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    Originally posted by Prince Xizor
    I really don't see a point to the removeable blades unless there is a hilt that lets you attach it to the Jedi's belt.
    Even then I don't see the point, although you are right, they could at least attach to the belts. What Hasbro should do is stop wasting time and money on (some of) the gimmicks, and spend a little extra on metal hilts, magnets in the belts, and including one handle and one ignited saber with each saber-wielding figure.
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