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    hey does anyone know if...

    is Aurra Sing a hard figure to find or is she common went into my local kmart today and saw 2 of them first time i seen two at a time
    even first time i even saw a Aurra Sing Fig

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    Apparently, it depends on where you are.

    Seriously, I've seen her several times and know she's in at least two different cases, so I'd say that, while she's no pegwarmer, she's not rare. Not like that Sandtrooper. . . .
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    I don't think it's hard to find. I see at least several at the TRU where I live.

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    As El Chuxter said, it depends where you live, but that figure is definitely not a hard figure to get.
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    These are starting to pop up reduced at K-B Toys,aren't they?

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    Well they are all hard to get, where I am. I can't believe I am closer to where star wars figures are actually made than I have ever been before and not one in sight. Nothing here but Gundams, Gundams, Gundams, Power Rangers, and Gundams.

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    Figures like that, i will see every once and a while.
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    Australia - Home of the pegwarmers :(
    All I can say is "Pegwarmer" here!
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