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    I can't see a theme park based solely on SW being very sucessful. On the other hand, it'd be cool to see maybe a SW themed section at Disneyland or something. Similar to how it is with the Indy ride, only with maybe a ride, and a restaraunt, and a giftshop, etc.

    I'd personally like that a lot better than a whole theme park devoted to SW. As much as I love SW, I can't see spending a few g's just to go to a themepark that is nothing but SW. Whereas I can see spending money to go to Disneyland with an SW attraction, because there is more to do at Disneyland.

    The reason that other attractions, like Star Trek exp, get made is that it isn't a park by itself. Its one very small portion of the Hilton in Vegas, where people go on vacation anyway.
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    Re: Star Wars Universe Theme Park?

    Originally posted by Darkross
    Should George Lucas consider opening a Star Wars "The Experience" theme park???
    It would be nice to see but I really dont think it'll happen anytime soon!
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    Well... looks like my prediction came true (from a certain point of view)! Can't wait until Star Wars land opens...hard to believe it's taken Lucasfilm 14 years to decide on opening up a Star Wars themed park. It may be old news now... but hey... took me a while to find my original post from 2001.
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