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Thread: Ewan Hates Us

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    Ewan Hates Us

    Today I read in the Sunday People News Paper that Ewan McGregor has been slagging us off again and calling us weird he is turning out to be just like sir Al any thoughts?

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    We ARE weird!

    But who gives a rats @** what some actor thinks anyway?
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    I read that article too, Mcgregor was just trying to distance himself from that small group of fans who "believe he is Obi-Wan Kenobi in real life" to quote the paper. The article also claimed that "he kept fluffing his lines during filming, and his bloomers have been included in an out-take video being compiled by Star Wars creator George Lucas."
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    think about it jek porky, these people are just actors who really don't give a damn about star wars, despite what ewan has said in the past. they are basically picking up a huge paycheck. alec guiness may have hated us, but i guarantee you he didn't mind us making him wealthy. and these movie stars hate being type cast as anything.

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    But I thought Ewan got somewhat of a small paycheck. Something like a million bucks or something.

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    maybe they(mcgregor, neeson ,portman, christenson) got small upfront checks, but if they didn't get a percentage of the gross and merchandising, they are all idiots.

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    I agree. Who cares what the nosepick thinks?

    Any actor that complains that much about the "unexpected" admiration of fans obviously is retarded. Where the hell have these people living in a cave? It isn't by some random occurance that star wars has integrated itself into our pop culture. Mr Mcgregor had ... what ... about 20 years of seeing star wars merchandising close to everywhere in the world. If he was uncomfortable with the prospect of gaining recognition as a star wars icon he should have stuck with crappy movies like "Eye of the Beholder", or chose a career in retail.

    Grow up Ewan. With the money comes the fame. Live with it. Incidently Mcgregor, your movie Moulin Rouge was a big soggy bowl of butt dandruff. He should be thankful for Star Wars. Its giving him some visibility in the movie world and will doubtless be a catalyst in future movie ventures (even if he doesn't act all that much in any of the prequels).

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    Look at it this way. If you played OB1 Kenobi would you want a lot of SW fans coming up and bugging you? I think we should give Ewan and the other SW actors a break.

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    Originally posted by master jedi
    Look at it this way. If you played OB1 Kenobi would you want a lot of SW fans coming up and bugging you? I think we should give Ewan and the other SW actors a break.

    I saw we stalk him untill he cries for his mother! or until he forces George to change EP2s title
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    re: "...Ewan got somewhat of a small paycheck. a million bucks or something?"

    Master Jedi, I hope that was meant sarcastically. I mean, I don't care who we're talking about - a million bucks for a few months work ain't bad pay.

    Sure, there may be a handful of actors working today who can demand more than that, but Ewan McGregor certainly isn't one of them. And to be honest, I didn't think he delivered all that strong a performance in Episode 1. To be fair, I didn't think his character's role was written very strongly either. However, we've all seen the right actor steal an entire movie with one or two extremely well-delivered scenes or lines. McGregor could have turned in a more memorable performance if he'd mastered his acting craft as well as he appeared to handle his swordsmanship.

    But really, forget light sabers - for a million bucks I'd let them run me through with a REAL saber. Even if I didn't survive, at least the family would be set.
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