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    What was Luke's failure in the cave in ESB?

    What did yoda mean when he told luke "Remember your failure in the cave"? What was he suppose to do?

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    A: he failed in taking weapons in the first place.

    B: He then let his fears get the better of him in the cave. He gave in to them.

    I think....

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    ...And he used his anger to defeat Vader.

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    I agree on that anger thing too
    Luke looked really angry when he sliced vaders head off
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    Didn't Yoda have an angry look on his face when he was fighting Dooku?

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    I thought he looked more serious than angry. He looked like he was concentrating hard. But I don't think he was angry.
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    I'm going to go with curtain C, Alex, and say "Fear." Luke was afraid. That's why he took his weapons with him in the first place. That's the emotion he clearly exhibited when the visage of Vader appeared from the shadows. Not only that, "Fear" is one of Yoda's mantra's concerning the Force from the Prequels to ESB. Fear. Fear. Fear. Luke said that he wouldn't be afraid. Yoda replied, "You will will be." And poof! He was. He failed the test and saw his own face in the apparition of Vader. His own greatest enemy...was himself. That's the lesson of the cave.

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    Nice one stillakid . I think you have it spot on .

    I've never thought of his face being in Vader's mask meaning he was his own enemy . Certainly changed the way I watch that scene now .

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    I see Luke's face in the mask representative of two things:

    1) If Luke were to face Vader at this point in his training, it would be his head lying lifeless on the ground in the end

    2) forshadowing the revelation of Luke's genes being behind the mask as per the scene near the end of the film.

    Either way, Luke's failure at the cave was multifaceted and complete. He took weapons in against Yoda's advice, he attacked the apparition as opposed to using the force to defend himself, and he displayed outward fear and aggression. Not very Jedi-like at all. Oh well, lesson well learned I guess.

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    Luke let his fear control him. He brought in his weapons and instead of facing his fear he lashed out with it and realized he was only fighting himself. Also the force is used for knowledge and defense, never for attack, and Luke drew his lightsaber first.
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