Imagine that a Star Wars themed restaurant is going to be opened and that all the menu items are going to be named after characters, ships, places, etc, from the films and EU.

What food do you think would correspond with each character? Here's some of my ideas:

Jabba: an enormous dessert item, preferably for two or more
Chewbacca: a hot fudge sundae
Palpatine: a Long Island Iced Tea
Jar Jar: chicken fingers
Amidala: Black Forest cake
Anakin: kids' hot dog platter
Shmi: meatloaf
Luke: hamburger
Leia: chicken sandwich
Han: steak
Momaw Nadon: salad
Mara: a very unassuming, very potent alcoholic beverage
Jawas: shots
Twi'leks: margaritas (different flavors that are yellow, red, green, and blue)
Qui-Gon: baked chicken
Obi-Wan: coffee
Lando: Colt 45