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    When Are The 2003 Figures Released?

    And don't say 2003!

    I mean will we see them in November or December, or will we really have to wait untill early next year?
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    I thin they'll be released in 2003

    no seriously, which the destroyer droid wave still coming out this year, I guess the new figs are going to be released early 2003, maybe january or february

    I hope this helps
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    I think they'll be out in December just in time for the Christmas Rush!!!
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    I don't know about them coming out before 2003. I mean I can't find waves that were released a month ago. Either the stores arn't ordering, Hasbro is too slow, or everyone is beating me to them. The strange thing is I have only had trouble finding waves after the Bespin Chewy wave.
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    I think they are gonna be released in December, the first few anyway.
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    A few of them are supposed to be released in late December. I think Hasbro is using the time until then to ship more of the figures people are asking for and can't find, and also for exclusives. That way people don't have to worry about buying figures and buying exclusives at the same time.

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    2003 most likely...
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    hope fully aayla out before 2003
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