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    Racing Games

    Has anyone bought NASCAR Thunder 2003 for Playstation 2 yet? I was wondering how it compares to 2002.

    From what I've heard, 2003 is better and has more features than 2002.

    Someone also told me Test Drive for PS2 isn't worth the money, so that one is out.
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    I've only got 2002, it's pretty good, it can get kinda boring after awhile because of alot of limitations but I think that was due to them trying to add realism to it instead of making it to where it would appeal to every single person, which is quite understandable. What's really fun though is when you go around the track backwards and crash into people, several pieces on cars can actually go flying and theres some pretty extreme crashes you can get yourself into. Plus making custom cars is really fun too. I haven't played 2003 though, so I don't know the difference.

    Midnight Club is a good racing game, you play in different towns and you race for other characters' cars, and theres also a single player Capture the Flag where you can choose to play against 0-4 Computer players, and you can also select your own weather settings (kinda limited though) if you're just driving around (you can just cruise and just drive around for the heck of it) which you can also set weather settings for Capture the Flag.

    If you just drive around or even when you're playing against the computer or someone else, there's a ton of hidden and non-hidden ramping places, it's also rather realistic cause theres a damage thing on it, where you can do EXTREME damage to your car, it's auto-repair though. Some cars even have nitro-boosters.
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