I think they are cool, yet odd. I think they look really cool and have some cool info, nothing new, but still cool. However, I think the character choices for some of them are odd. Did you notice they have Wald? Why would anyone want a Wald card? And they also did Zutton! For crying out loud, if they wanted to do an alien from the Cantina they could have done Dr. Evazan! And they also left out Emperor Palpatine, they did Senator Palpatine, but not Emperor. Other than some of the character selection, I think it is pretty cool. I have all of the base set except for damn Jar Jar Binks and Depa Billaba. Arg! I got an autograph, and a cool one too! I got Kenny Baker's autograph! I know he is only an A, but it is a good A. Better than someone who you never hear of like Michael Sheard (Ozzel.) I would have preffered James Earl Jones or one of the B or C autographs, of course. Well, what do you think?