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Thread: Favorite Beasts

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    Favorite Beasts

    Here's a fun question. What are you favorite beasts in the Star Wars movies?

    My personal favorites are the Tauntauns. They look cool and they make funny noises.
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    The Rancor .

    You gotta love it I really hope they don't replace it with crappy CGI in the AE!

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    How can anyone not say it's the WAMPA! Even my 3 year old daughter loves the WAMPA!

    Sorry, I don't know why I keep using all capital letters and exclamation points when I type WAMPA!

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    Oh man it has got to be the Wampa.....

    Wampa, wampa, wampa gonna chomp ya'......

    that's what I used to sing when I played with my Wampa figure as a boy. All my toys were scared...................... and my friend Mikey too.

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    The Acklay, for sure. The most dangerous of the arena beasts, and it was just really cool. Its screeching was so eerie...An extremely close second is the Nexu. It was the bravest (It attacked the Acklay in a deleted scene, which takes some courage), and the most bloodthirsty. They're both great, and so are Hasbro's figures of them.
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    Well, at first I considered the swamp monster on Dagobah because anything that can spit an R2 unit that far must be cool. But we don't really see him, so he's out.

    I suppose I'll have to join the WAMPA! bandwagon. I hope we get to see the WAMPA! escape scene that was cut from ESB. It would be cool to see the WAMPA! clobber some Snowtroopers.

    Crap! I think I caught whatever jjreason has. WAMPA!

    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I always liked the Dewbacks as a kid, although I am not too sure I like their CG facelift so much.

    The Bantha is cool too, along with the Taun Taun. But I think I will have to go with the WAMPA!


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    Dewback or Tauntaun. Gotta love any beast that you can ride around. It would be a great way to travel to and from work.
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