There's been some changes at the Official Fan Club, as well as some awesome offers.

Twelve Inch Collectors are getting their Ki-Adi Mundi Jedi Knight figures and seem quite happy about the quality. More are on the way, such as Plo Koon who's prototype has already been shown.

The Star Wars Insider continues to ship, with some awesome interviews and some great features about the Jedi in the latest issue.

A new publishing company has taken over the magazine, and there will be 2 more issues per year than before. It used to come every 2 months for six issues, though now there will be 8!

Questions remain as to who is going to run the Star Wars online store?

Is it just the Fan Club's official magazine that is being managed by the new company? Or will it be everything with the website relocating and Plo Koon becoming available from a different source?

Let's discuss your membership status and how you think things are going.