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    Are you a Member of the Official Fan Club?

    There's been some changes at the Official Fan Club, as well as some awesome offers.

    Twelve Inch Collectors are getting their Ki-Adi Mundi Jedi Knight figures and seem quite happy about the quality. More are on the way, such as Plo Koon who's prototype has already been shown.

    The Star Wars Insider continues to ship, with some awesome interviews and some great features about the Jedi in the latest issue.

    A new publishing company has taken over the magazine, and there will be 2 more issues per year than before. It used to come every 2 months for six issues, though now there will be 8!

    Questions remain as to who is going to run the Star Wars online store?

    Is it just the Fan Club's official magazine that is being managed by the new company? Or will it be everything with the website relocating and Plo Koon becoming available from a different source?

    Let's discuss your membership status and how you think things are going.
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    Yes I am. I have a question though. The new membership kit looks great, but through a wacky set of circumstances, I have a membership until 2004. Will I have to get a whole new membership just to get the kit, or will there be some allowance for those who are already members and have no need for immediate renewal.


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    I've been a member since 1993 and overall, have loved the magazine.

    I do think it was better before it was sold to Wizards, especially the Jawa Trader, which was the FC store before it was on-line. Now, it's just a showcase for Wizards products, which I don't really care for.
    I was disappointed when Wizards got the license for the SW TCG, I preferred the Decipher game more. I thought they had great photos on the cards and really expanded upon the SW universe.

    I have been pleased w/ the way the new FC ships merchandise. The past couple of items have been really well packed, and the items usually come quickly via FedEx.

    My membership was thru 2004, but I need to extend/renew it now that they are shipping more ish's per year.

    Stillakid- I think they're sending the membership pack to new and renewed memberships.
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    I've been a FC member since '97; I signed up when I read about the FC exclusive cantina band members. I like the fact that membership packs are returning ( I have the 20-year anniverary magnets on my fridge at home!!) but like others wonder if I will get one since my subscription is good for another year.

    The only bad experience I had with the FC was earlier this year and it involved the Internet shopping site. I naturally assumed the site knew I was a FC member but it didn't; I hadn't registered separately through it. I emailed the FC, commenting on this matter, and someone explained it very nicely to me and sent me a $5 credit/gift certificate for my inconvenience.

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    I for one am very excited for the changes in the Fan Club. I have the honor of knowing Lisa Stevens (new President) personally and there could hardly be a bigger fan/collector on the planet. Her dedication and respect for the Star Wars franchise and fan base is unmatchable. As one can see from her first revisions to the FC (bantha tracks, more issues, lower prices, membership kits) - this is the best thing to happen to the club in a while. (Side note) Lisa was the one pushing for a Rabe' fig in the battle of Naboo game but Wizards/Hasbro went with Wookie Scout.
    I beleive that under Lisa's direction we will have penty to do/read/buy in these next coming off-movie years.
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    I was a member, but I let it expire a few years ago('98 or '99). I still buy things from the fanclub website (Carbon Freeze Chamber, Stormtroopers 4-pack).
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    I was originally a member because of the exclusive figures that required a membership to buy. After they dropped that policy so anyone could buy them, I let my membership expire and haven't looked back since. Sometimes I still read the articles if I notice a new Insider at the library/magazine rack though.

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    I still buy the Insider when I see it on the racks, but being a member was nothing but a hassle for me. From not getting my first issue for 6 months after starting my membership to trying to decipher the mumbling speech of the inarticulate customer service operators. Granted, I joined just before Wizards took over, but things didn't really seem to change much for the better, since I still had to call every month just to get the newest Insider (which I usually recieved about three weeks after it showed up at Wal-Mart).

    So, I gave up on that pitiful excuse for a fan club. I am hopeful about this most recent change but will probably wait for about a year before deciding to get a membership or not.
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    I LOVE MY SW INSIDER. I mainly became a member because of getting exclusives, but since I stopped collecting, it isn't a big deal now.
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    I was going to join, but figured since I was moving soon, why not wait till then (planned the move several months ago)
    Are there any "real" advantages to being a member? as you can get club exclusives w/o being a member?
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