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    Any Halloween party Tips?

    Hey guys i am having my annual Halloween Party and i could use any tips to make it really awesome? i have a petty good collection of Decorations,and a few guest who hve comefor al the parties, i nee some things thall really shock them, jolt them and just for them tp generally have a great time, any help?
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    I never have parties, really, but I do make a very impressive graveyard in my yard each year. I make gravestones out of styrofoam and spraypaint it. The spraypaint will probably corrode the styrofoam which will give it that aged, eroded look. Then carve an epitaph, if you want. I have a lot of land and trees, and my graves are surrounded by a slightly see-through wall of that nifty spider web stuff. I take dark purple lights and put them around the graves which provides an eerie glow, and I put one of those fake crows in a tree. Then you can add bones, bloody weapons, etc. I also put a noose in a tree and sprayed blood on it. Also, you can make cadavers by stuffing clothes with newspaper, etc.. For the head I tied a pillow up until it was an oval then I put a black hood over it and tied a rope around it's neck. Use gloves for hands and shoes for feet. I added a blacklight in a corner and bought a strobe light that resembles a skull for only $13. Finally, use a portable CD player with one of those Halloween CDs. Overall, it's a good effect. You can enhance your graveyard with any other ideas you have. I'll post a pic when I set it up this weekend. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
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    When I throw a Halloween party, i go all out. Aside from a keg (hey I am above 21) and decorations galore, I also make sure to have plenty of candy and Halloween trinkets to pass out. They may not admit it, but any age group still loves to get these things at a Halloween party.

    Oh yeah, and costumes. You have to have costumes, mandatory!

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    Yeah. I'm 18 and would love to get a keg.

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    keg...that's what all the guys want at my school for there parties...and were only 14-16! but there are a few who do drink (who are senoirs and parents have no control over.) but most of the parties will probably be next weekend for after-homecoming.
    i will not be doing one seeing as how i am about the most un-popilar guy.....
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    Halloween is also my favorite holiday Darth Sidious. And I also do a styrofoam headstone grave yard just like you. I get all my Halloween ideas mostly from Martha Stewart (yeah I know ) Love her or hate her, she has got some GREAT decorating ideas - and spooky too!

    There is a fun game to play in which you stick items around the house (food items mostly) into black boxes. Then have the guests feel them with their hands without knowing what the item is, and have them guess what body part it is. For example, peeled grapes can be eyeballs, intestines can be cold spaghetti. It is a fun game, and I am surely going to do it at my Halloween party this year. I have more ideas, but I have to go for now...
    but I will post some more about this topic later....
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    one of the famlies farotive things to do on halloween is to give the kids both a trick and a treat, for the trick part we dress as monsters and hide in the shadows.

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    Whoops i didnt explain my "party plot" the graves will work, but i have a small yard, so ill have to be conservitive. The party is held in a basement, with a bathroo, a laundry room, a bedroom, a workroom, a living room, and a bar (no, i am not oer 21, and no i do not drink) but anywho, the mainliving room is pretty small, taken that there is a 45" TV in the front of the room the computer right next to it, a Futon and 2 double cusions in front of that, and a chair. I am expecting about 15 people to come. aged from 15-18. and its more women than men, some of them do not know eachother, and i dont want that to effect the atmoshere. The last parties have been, sub par because i made the mistake of trying to show horror movies to 10 teenagers. and didnt plan outside of that. This time, no movie, more scares (hopefully) and more fun! well hope that helps you understand! sorry i did ot mention this before!
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    Well some places sell dry ice, you get a cooler fill it with hot water and get a good chunk of dry ice then you can have a nice eerie fog effect, don't think it costs much either. Some nice recordings also help, try to act out long scenes so you take up enough of the tape and it sounds like theres a bunch of stuff going on. The more gruesome stuff is, the better, like you could throw water against a wall or something for the recording so it'd sound like blood spewing.
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    Here's a tip for ya:

    When trick-or-treaters come to your door (and they will come!) have a bucket of water and a broom kept out of sight, but have them nearby the door. Have a basket full of candy on hand too.
    Hold out the basket so the kiddies will open up their bags. At that precise moment, dump the bucket of water into their bags. The water will make the bottom of their bags all soggy and the weight of the candy will cause a hole to form until finally all the candy comes pouring out.
    Quickly grab the broom and sweep the candy inside of your house. This will help you defray the cost of buying candy for your party. And what a variety you will have for your guests. You can use the extra money to buy more fake blood or spooky candleabras.

    After you have done this to enough children, you may want to lock the door and dim the lights. This is for when the authorities arrive to investigate you.

    Of course use caution if parents are around.

    If trick-or-treaters are carrying pillowcases then this will not work.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Silly string. Lots of silly string.
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