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    Who the heck are you?

    I am starting this thread so those of us who spend far too much time in these forums can get to know each other better. Reply with your info!

    I am 31 years old and live in Oklahoma. I have been a practicing lawyer since I got out of law school in '96. I have been collecting Star Wars figures seriously since the release of the POTF2 line in '95. As of today, I have 424 unopened 3 3/4 inch figures spanning all of the series. Although I do not really collect the 12 inch critters, I have about 30 of them unopened.

    I'm one of the unopeners. I'm not really a completist, but tend to get all of the figures if they are available. I collect these guys b/c of my love for the films and the fond memories I have of being a kid and tearing through Lionel Playworld or Toys R Us looking for the newest figures.

    So, the question is: Who the heck are you?


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    I am 37. I live in SoCal and I am a construction inspector (specifically I am a welding inspector and Non-Destructive Examination Tech). My passion and specialty is the construction of power plants.

    I have been a Star Wars fan since the beginning. I was lucky enough to be old enough to appreciate the movies from the gate. I to only developed the desire to start collecting since the '95 rereleasing of the figures but there does exist a large box somewhere, that contains all of the figures and a lot of the ships and playsets from the first two movies. I collect primarily for the nostalgia, but also because I am fascinated by miniature detail in anything that I find to be interesting. I collect three of everything, 1 to open, 1 to display in the package, and a spare in case anything experiences damage or loss. I would guess that I have between 1000 and 1200 figures total because I am nowhere near current as I have the habit of stubbornly waiting until I can get figures on clearance (except for the ones I REALLY like). I collect both the 3 3/4" and 12" lines and I am working toward building a storage/display building in my yard. And I do intend to locate a great customiser to do some custom 12" vehicles for me.
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    Hey, I live in Southern California. If you could build San Diego its own energy plant, I could save costs in my electricity bill and then I could buy more Star Wars figures and perhaps fleets of the vehicles!

    JangoFart could make sure everything's code compliant and legal!

    I think I'm on to something here!
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    Alright, I'll play by the rules. I'm still in my 20's so I can be excused for being a little bit more immature (than someone who calls himself JangoFART ) .

    But in real life when I'm acting responsible, I'm a economic development consultant who specializes in public plan adoption processes. With exact reference to what I'm currently working on, I get redevelopment plans adopted by communities I work with, to help save local small businesses and improve deteriorating neighborhoods, and I work with mass transit issues and am branching off into affordable housing. I also do political consulting and I'm working with several City Council candidates currently.

    I collected since the beginning in 1978 (the beginning of Kenner's figures) when my mom saved them for me as she thought I'd treasure these. I got back into it in 1995 to start the modern line at retail, and I still cherish them all.

    I buy only what I plan to open, currently opening more than what I have room for. Eventually everything will go in large dioramas recreating the movies, and some cool scenes from the Expanded Universe of comics and books, with the world's greatest action figures!

    I get 3 3/4", Buddies, Unleashed, 12 inch, vehicles, beasts, and Playskool. I also bought the role play lightsabers from Episode One. Dooku's might tempt me into continuing, though an effects Master Replicas might be possible. If so, I'd only get one MR, and I'm not yet sure which character's signature weapon I'd want. The Anakin Skywalker lightsaber that is later carried by Luke in ANH and ESB, or Obi-Wan's TPM lightsaber are two of the most likely I'd choose, though an effects Darth Maul would be tempting as well.
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    i'm a 42 year old architect originally from noo yawk city, living and working for the past 8 years in south florida. when star wars 1st came out, i couldn't be bothered with it at the time. way too popular and cute back in 77 for a budding punk rocker.

    got into collecting galoob's action fleet vehicle line back in 95, as i thought they would be a cool toy for my son who was not quite two at the time.

    now he's 8, and we both collect and play with anything and everything in the micro machines line.

    we open and play with everything!
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    Hey, hey, hey!! I NEVER said I was mature!

    The reasons behind the name are two-fold:
    1. It's catchy ;
    2. every other bleepity bleepin' thing I tried was taken so I said: "I bet nobody has this one!"

    As a kid, I had nearly every figure available - ships and all. In my late teens, my friend's house burned down and they lost everything except the clothes on their backs when they got out. I gave all the Star Wars stuff I had, which was a TON o' crap, to Mike's little brother who was 8 at the time. Now that I've gotten back into it, part of me wishes I hadn't done what I did. But, the rest of me is happy that I did what I did. (But, I'd sure like to track that sucker down to see if he still has any of that stuff )


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    I'll be 30 in a month's time, live in London, collect 3 3/4 and 12", love the films ..etc. My partner can't understand that I collect toys, although he can recite the dialogue to ANH five seconds before the characters do - the whole film!!!!
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    Well, I'm 32. I got my degree in History back in '96, did a year of grad study in Medieval history, then studied English and writing for a year. I love Fantasy novels and stories, especially the older works of William Morris and George MacDonald, and also enjoy the Icelandic sagas, all of which inspire me and get the creative juices flowing. This year I quit my long-standing job as a bookstore manager so I could be home more and devote more time to my writing.

    I've been collecting Star Wars since the relaunch of the line back in '95, and have enjoyed it ever since. My wife and I have no children as of yet, but I hope one day to be able to enjoy my collection with my kids. I open most of my stuff, though i have about 40 carded figures. I have around 450-500 figures total.

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    I'm 29, currently I work in a callcentre(wait for it!!!) taking inbound calls for at+t. I'm basically a sort of jack of all trades, having done a lot of hard labour in my life, and having been somewhat of a lost soul for most of the time. Lately I've settled down a lot, thought. I still collect the figures, but in about 99 I went from completist to finicky perfectionist, a figure has to be real good for me to consider it anymore. I have been a sw fan since the title crawl of ANH, and it shows no signs of letting up.
    Oh, and I am perhaps the best painter-of-miniatures in my area, at least, a holdover from my fantasy-filled youth.
    Oh, and I have a rock band called STANSE, but that's another story (cue the glockenspiel, boys)
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I'm 20 years old and am attending Ohio University here in good ole' Athens, OH. I was just a little lad when the Original trilogy came out back in the day, but i have very very vague memories of seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater and especially watching it on TV. I began collecting completely on impulse one day in 95 when the POTF2 waves came out. I saw them at Toys R Us and my mom was gracious enough to pick up a bunch for me. Since then, i've been hooked. I've even got my parents somewhat into it. They're always great enough to ask if i need anything, jot down the names and if they're out and about, pick them up for me. Heck, my dad scored the latest Unleashed wave 3 and Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors 3 for me since i've been at school. My dad also went with me for the Episode I figure onsale and helped me get the figures (although the Episode II onsale went much smoother for me) and rummage out each wave. That's dedication from the folks if they're willing to stay out with you until all hours of the night buying toys with you when they have work @7 am the next day!! I collect 3 3/4 inch figures", most vehicles (some i pass on cause they aren't too impressive, others i can't afford at the moment), i did the 12 inch line for TPM, (but passed on the AOTC line) and I also collect the Unleashed series. I have 450-500 items boxed, total. I have no doubt in my mind my children will love these movies as much as i do, but it'll be difficult teaching them, "Daddy's toys aren't for opening!" hehehhehehe
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