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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    Ok, I must have missed this thread and have now just recently caught up with it.

    Bigbarada - I'm glad that you are enjoying the show.

    I also remember in a previous thread that I suggested that for the new Superman movie they should have Tom Welling play him and that it should coincide with the show, but almost nobody seemed to agree with me. Now it is good to see that at least a couple people here like the idea as well.

    As for this season, I think it is great. Next weeks episode looks to be like a really good one. Does Sam discover Clark's secret? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Hopefully Lana and Clark will get together this season seeing as Lana is now "hopefully" breaking things off with Whitney. That is the only thing I hate about the show. It is clearly obvious that Lana is flirting with Clark, even in the first season. I could never understand why Lana wanted to be with Whitney. He tied Clark up in the field and was a complete jerk for most of the season. Clark saved Lana how many times? If I were her I'd seriously re-evaluate my relationship.

    Someone mentioned that they think that Tom Welling is showing his true age. I would have to disagree. He certainly doesn't look like a 15 year old, but he could pass for 17 or 18. Heck I myself am 25 and, being an actor, I play 16 year olds all the time because I look so young. The one person on the cast that really did not look his age was Whitney. He definately looked like he was 25-26.

    Also Birds of Prey will probably be a ridiculous show. How the WB managed to completely destroy the Batman franchise is beyond me.
    So what stuff have you been in?
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    At Comic Con the producers said that Lana was Clark's soul-mate. In some versions of the legend, she learns (and keeps) his secret. Is that going to happen in this show now? To keep them from getting together? Because by now with Whitney out of the picture, Lana should go for Clark if he can't make a move on her without setting the house on fire. Maybe they should go for their first date on the lake. That'd solve everything!
    Tycho, did you know that in the comics Lana eventually marries Pete? I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. It doesn't look like the show is going to keep that part of the story, but I think we will see some chemistry between Lana and Clark. If you are familiar with the comics then you know that Lana Lang was Clark's first true love before Lois Lane. So, we should see some kind of sparks fly between them, but I wouldn't expect much, because I imagine that the producers want to keep the storyline intact as much as possible.
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    Originally posted by scruffziller

    So what stuff have you been in?
    Well scruffziller I haven't been in any movies persay. I have been in about 30 different plays and musicals over the 9 years I have been acting. I also did a commercial for Commercial Federal Bank and I did an Industrial Film as well.

    However, I was an extra in the CBS movie "Gone in the Night" with Shannon Doherty back in 1995. I can clearly be seen behind her shoulder in one scene. Plus I did an independent film that no one knows about called "Manimals" with Chris Klein.

    Hopefully I will be moving to California within a year.
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    Tonight's episode (Pete finds the ship) was ok. Smallville's always good. I just found it predictable.

    Now they'll have a season of "how does Pete deal with keeping the secret?"

    Meanwhile, I wanted to discuss previews for next week's episode.

    Clark gets exposed to red kryptonite (must be what makes him go 'bad') and gets it on with Lana. That much is GOOD.

    But then he's dumb enough to go for another girl and get caught???

    I'm seldom one to tell people to not take advantage of all their romantic opportunities - women always do and they lie about it all the time. How long was Clark waiting for Lana while she was with Whitney? But that doesn't mean go out and get caught!!! - and if Lana's obviously waiting for Clark now (staying single and not bouncing from one guy to the next now that she's free from her previous relationship) Clark's a fool not to respect her offer (red kryptonite must make him insane!)

    I think next week's episode will drive me crazy! I want to believe there's somebody out there for each of us - even if there's really no promise for that. But this is a fictional show, so Clark and Lana are really meant for each other, and the writers are just teasing us with every new reason why they don't get together. But every week, we still come back for more!
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Clark gets exposed to red kryptonite (must be what makes him go 'bad') and gets it on with Lana. That much is GOOD.
    That's exactly what I thoguht when I saw the preview.

    As for last nights episode, I liked it. A little predictable, but still a good episode.
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    I thought Tuesday's episode was pretty good. Pete Ross is one of Clark's closest friends, so I guess it is only fair that he knows the truth. However I think we will see later that keeping this secret will be a very heavy burden upon him (if the show keeps with the storyline). Anyway I know Clark is very relieved to tell someone that is close to him. It's easy to see that this secret is tearing him up inside. He hates covering it up and lying about it.
    Next week's episode looks like a reversal of the episode where Lana was exposed to the flower and goes "wild". This time it is Clark, and he seems to be more aggressive and in tune with his feelings. I think it will be good, but a little predictable nonetheless.
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    I am a rabid Smallville fan, but tonight's Red Cryptonite episode was a disappointment in some ways.

    I am TRYING to like it, but a lot of things bothered me:

    1) There's no way Jessie was even slightly attractive next to Lana or Chloe! If Clark couldn't get with Lana immediately, he should have gone for Chloe. If we're talking the red cryptonite made Clark face his lustful feelings, then they are sort of there for Chloe, too.

    Lana is a 10; Chloe is a 9.5. Jessie was about a 6.0, and that's being generous.

    I can understand Clark liking the bad-girl thing while he's being the bad boy, but certain parts of Jessie looked as wide as 1.5 x Lana or Chloe!

    2) Clark loves his father. I don't think he would have done anything to risk injuring Johnathon - even with red kryptonite. Sure he's fed up with some things and going through a teenage rebellion, but hurting his dad?

    3) the resolution with Johnathon hitting the ring with a sledgehammer - especially in that slow-motion, looked awefully fake and just way too convenient. Someone using green kryptonite on Clark, especially Pete and Johnathon felt strange. It was a surprise twist on who would use it against Clark, but it feels awfully early in the series to have someone show their knowledge of this weakness of Clark's. Possibly not - I mean since back with the Coach's episode and Lana's necklace, we've had this going on. But it was almost anti-climatic to have the green kryptonite used this way. Having Clark's dad TALK him out of the ring in a terrifying climax, would have been much more intriguing.

    4) Clark having anything less than 100% attention on Lana, was just unbelievable. The bar scene was a T2 rip-off - though that was supposed to be obvious. Even so, it wasn't that fun, and that he could be going for Jesse, was just ridiculous.

    5) Lionnel Luthor and Lex's stint as the odd-couple confused me: was it supposed to be funny, or melodramatic?

    Now the better points:

    The plot about the girl and the father on the run was interesting, but it left a very unresolved story arc. It was almost too much plot put into the episode. Money and desires, irresponsibility etc. was the main theme to be sure, but an episode about being fed up with living frugally on the farm and not going for it with Lana would have sufficed.

    The kissing scene with Clark and Lana was as great as it should have been!

    I seriously wonder how far things went with Clark and Jesse. Also, how she'll react if she ever sees him again. He's a bad memory for her and her father, you know. Maybe she'll turn up as an ally of Lex Luthor's at some time in the future when he's out to get Kent.

    The worst heartbreak: that Lana got jerked around like that by Clark of all people and that she sent him away after he was himself again - not to mention the fact that having revealed his feelings for her, it should have been a lot easier to beg her for her forgiveness and offer her the kind of relationship she really wants with him - let alone the kind of relationship he really wants with her! Johnathon should have hit him in the head with that sledgehammer! I was ready to!

    I just did not like Clark-gone-bad, and I am also getting sick of his Clark-goes-back-to-shy routine he has with Lana. Next week it looks like he'll end up saving her, but I don't expect anything more than friendship between them in the end. It looks like 1st season's BugGuy is back as the baddy, unless I mistook the gueststar (he looked familiar to Smallville). It's a Halloween-timed episode no doubt for the scary-ratings.

    Maybe, just maybe they'll take a chance and get Clark and Lana together for a season or something OR have her learn of his powers and seal their friendship with that kind of trust - but also the temporary distance she'll need to fathom it all until she can come back to the conclusion that she loves him all along.

    The show has tantilizing romantic intrigue and legendary suspense to it, but they now need to take some more risks in order to keep their edge. Maybe Johnathon and Pete discovering Kryptonite effects on Clark wasn't such a bad move, but I think it made an over-simplified resolution for the issues presented in this episode nevertheless. Too much was packed into one 1-hour show.

    It was a disapointing night with Smallville.
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    3) the resolution with Johnathon hitting the ring with a sledgehammer - especially in that slow-motion, looked awefully fake and just way too convenient.

    I agree. There is no way that the ring would have shattered like that, cheesy and stupid writing if you ask me. They should have just taken it off of his finger and then hit it with the hammer. Besides there is no way that a regular person with a sledgehammer could shatter a ring like that especially if it was connected to someones finger. More likely it would have pushed the ring on further. That was the most unrealistice part of the show IMHO.

    Also, why is Lana all mad at Clark for acting the way he did in the bar. Whitney was a complete @-hole to Lana in a couple episodes and she still stayed with him. Plus Clark has saved her life numerous times and she is mad at him over such a tiny thing. Grow up Lana. I think the writers are trying to make Lana too complex.
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    Yeah, Jessie was not only a poor plot device, but also not in the league of the other gals in Clark's life. Clark even scoped Chloe in one scene, then threw that aspect of the ep out. As for the plot-device issue, how realistic is it that this girl would be on the run from various sources with her dad with that drawing-attention attitude and look, yet still run to protect the evidence and her dad when the heat was on?

    The green kryptonite was the only realistic solution IMO, but the way they did it seemed pretty sloppy for the show, they could have just weakened Clark with the kryptonite and then slipped the ring off. The visual effect was really cheeseball, and if Clark is weakened by the green kryptonite then why didn't the sledgehammer injure his right hand since it had enough power to shatter a metal ring and meteor rock? Plus, wouldn't shattering that red kryptonite send red kryptonite-powder all over Clark's skin, clothes, and Pete and Jonathan?

    Basically, it seemed like a fairly generic "bad influence" ep of one of these teen drama shows and I felt like my time had been wasted watching soap-opera-lite mess - having Lana get honked off at Clark was the lowest, most desparate move yet.
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    It disturbs me when I don't like an episode of my favorite show.

    I want to like them all, but my opinion stands and I totally agree with JediTricks' and Sithdroid's comments.

    I really hope this doesn't start a downhill trend with the show. They have so many good episodes and then this one bad one, but you always remember the worst ones the most. Sad but true.

    I wish I could feel more optimistic for next week's, but instead I feel more 'concerned.'
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