Clark has to rescue Lana in her pickup truck which has been carried off into a massive tornado!

Are his powers going to be revealed?

Johnathon took off into the tornado to stop (kill?) the reporter who could expose his son as an alien (the jerk that blew up the Kent's truck).

Lionell Luthor fired everyone in Smallville's plant and Lex is trying to get his employees to buy out his father's stock. But Lionell bought the Smallville bank!

Chloe's dad lost his job, and unless Lex can save them from his father's wrath, they'll have to leave town and look for work in Metropolis.

If Clark chooses Lana over Chloe, she'll never speak to him again.

Lana could be single now though, as Whitney left the show (as a regular) to go and join the Marine Corps so he could make her proud and have a job so he could marry her after she finishes High School.

Everything could come together for Clark getting his best opportunities he always wanted, or everything in Smallville could be torn apart! There's more than 1 tornado