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    Collector's Database Suggestions

    We need your comments. We are making some changes to the Collector's Database and need to know if it currently makes sense to you the way we have it.

    Right now we have an item name. ie, Aurra Sing. Would you like to have it listed like (Have / Want are checkbox options):

    Aurra Sing
    - Original Release (item that is currently available) Have / Want
    - Variation 1 Have / Want
    - Variation 2 Have / Want


    Aurra Sing Have / Want
    - Variation 1 Have / Want
    - Variation 2 Have / Want

    With the second one, we move all the info from "Original Release (or whatever we end up calling it) into the description.
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    I'd vote for the first option - my PC is slow, and having to click an link to check the description and make sure Im checking the right box would slow me down. Thanks for asking.

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    Thanks. We really need a lot more input on this. Let me know what YOU think!
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    Just to be clear, the first choice is how the Collector's Database is currently set up. And for the second option, you would have to click on the figure's name, then select the have/want boxes.

    If that's the case, I'd prefer to stick with the first option.
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    I think the 2nd option is saying the Have/Want boxes (currently on "Aurra Sing" stand for "Original Release" - option 1) next to the name "Aurra Sing" would replace the Have/Want boxes that are currently known as "Original Release" - that would be a simplification of the current system IMO but might lead to confusion.
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    I'm not for or against either. All I want is to be able to register. For some reason I'm having trouble getting that to work.

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    More input please... are you guys not using our system??
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    Maybe you should put this in a poll. This section doesn't seem to get much traffic.
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    i just use the database to look at the new figures if i don't find them on here first, thats about al i use it for so it can swing either way for me.
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    I put a suggestion in another post a couple days ago. I suppose you didn't see it.

    I've just finished my upgrade to WinXP. While it fixed a host of other problems, the Print View is still all askew (on my machine.)

    However, after a bit of poking around, I finally figured out how to edit the quantities of figures in my Have and Want lists. Perhaps there's another way to do it that isn't showing up on my machine, but if I go to MY ACCOUNT/MY HAVE LIST then click on one of the LIST ID numbers in the far left column, it takes me to a page where quantities can be adjusted and notes can be made.

    If someone at SSG knew this, why couldn't it have been clearly explained before?

    Can the program be adjusted so that, for example, when we go to COLLECTORS DATABASE/BROWSE/2002-NOW STAR TOURS/ACTION FIGURES-BASIC/WEG-1618 the quantiy adjustment box can be placed on that page instead? That's where we go to click the HAVE or WANT button anyway. It would save having to go there to click a selection, then navigate to the screen with the LIST ID numbers and then do the meticulous search through that listing as it's not in any particular order, alphabetical or otherwise.

    Just a thought. Thanks!
    And I'm still not clear on why there are things listed with an Original Release and a Variation before it even comes out. Could you elaborate on that please? Thanks!


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