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    "Ghost in the Shell" sequel

    Well if you're a fan of Anime then you've most likely heard of 1996's "Ghost in the Shell". It's one of my personal favorites so when I read in Wizard magazine that a sequel was planned I thought I'd share just in case some of you are fans as well. This is a section of that article.

    "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" is like a "perfect storm" in the anime world: a 52-episode television series based on one of the genre's most revered titles, produced by one of the art form's hottest studios:Production I.G., which animated the original "Shell," has strung together a list of credits which includes "Blood: The Last Vampire," "FLCL" and the anime sequences from Quentin Tarantino's live-action "Kill Bill: Vol. 1."

    "Shell" heroine Major Motoko Kusanagi returns in "Stand Alone Complex" as Section 9's most tenacious Cyber-crime-fighter, pursuing brain-hack villains in both the real and online worlds. Manga Entertainment releases the first 26-episode season in seven DVD volumes starting June 22. "There will be regular edition and special editions of the series on each DVD," said Manga Entertainment General Manager Mike Egan. Both versions ($29.95 regular edition, $49.95 special edition) will contain Japanese and English language tracks and behind-the-scenes features, but the special edition will also feature both Dolby and DTS digital sound options, plus the series soundtrack on a bonus CD. "Stand Alone Complex" begins its run as part of Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" late-night programing block in October.
    Talk Show Host Interviewing Joker: “Your said to have only killed about 600 people Joker. Now don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’ve been holding out on us.”

    Joker: “I don’t keep count. I’m going to kill everyone in this room.”

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    I can't believe it took them 8 years to make this one.


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