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    SNL: The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse

    Anybody else hear about this little number coming out? Should be pretty good.

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    Its been out for a few weeks, hasn't it?

    I'd like to get it, but I'll probably wait until it drop to $10 or less lke the other Best of SNLs.
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    I don't really know... very likely since I just happened to stuble on that info while reading an interview on The Onion's AV Club site. I will also wait untill it hits the bargin bin at WM.

    I also saw that there is SNL Season 1 out/coming out soon.

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    Nice of them to finally clear the rights to complete seasons after already pulling in the scratch on those abbreviated "best of" discs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    I like the Funhouse cartoons, but I won't be getting this, especially if it is the same best of that they showed earlier this year.
    Probably will be the same.

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    I remember being excited for that best of episode but I was really let down...they left out too much good stuff.

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    Actually, reading the description on the link, it mentioned the one with Santa skipping the red states. I don't think that one was in the best of show that they had on TV.


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