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    What's the hardest to find Euro Battle Droid 2-Pack?

    I've always heard it was Panaka. But, I got a Panaka fairly easily. (Not cheap, mind you, but easy )

    I cannot find a Watto, Ric Olie, or Palpatine. These are the only ones I don't have. Is this just b/c no one is selling at this time or b/c they are hard to get?



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    I'm a little lat answering this one, but better late than never.

    Today, I finally finished collecting all 28 of the euro bonus battle droid sets.

    I've been working on this the past year, although there were a few that alluded me.

    The one that was the hardest was the battle droid - shot variety. Although all 4 battle droid variations were a bit difficult. The ones that were most expensive for me were Panaka, and the Naboo Security. Watto was difficult to get although I got lucky and one an auction from Australia for pretty cheap.

    These are tough to find many of these from e-tailers so I had to resort to ebay. The majority of the sellers were from outside the US, so if you're looking to get into these be prepared to pay a bit more for shipping. I got lucky and found a good seller from Turkey, who I won one auction from, who then hooked me up with 7 other sets on a side transaction.

    Anyhow if your into these, I attached a pic of all 28 together.
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