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    Reissued POTJ on Saga Cards?

    If you haven't heard the newest rumors then head on over to:

    I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I think I am discouraged because a) I'm an opener b) Hasbro is using Kenner's mantra as an excuse c) I already have all of the figs being re-released and d) Hasbro is working on new ways to re-release old products instead of working on new products.

    I will point out that the Jedi Starfighter with Hyper-ring is awesome but then Why the KBs exclusive with Obi-Wan. They are milking us a little bit. I'm not a strong critic of Hasbro I approve, buy and appreciate most of everything they put out but old figs on new cards I think is a waste of effort that could be applied elsewhere.

    What do you think?
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    Why would they want to reissue the Gunship later on? The AT-TE carrier maybe? Of course, they would need an AT-TE for that. It will most likely be packed with the gunpods that come with the Pilots preinstalled and have a couple of pilots for a pack-in. Either that or a retooled Jedi figure.

    The Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring sounds cool, I'm glad I waited on buying the 4/23 version. I knew it was just a matter of time before the AOTC Slave 1 was reissued as a ESB Slave 1.

    If the Imperial Officers and Rebel Trooper are the long rumored alternate head sculpts then count me in. If not then...... umm, well, count me in anyways, I could always use a couple more of these guys, and I only saw them once at retail. Since they are re-issuing stuff, why not BoShek or R4-M9? I never saw either of them in the store at all.
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    Those 4 POTJ figures they plan on re-releasing were never really hard to find around here. You can still get some of them. So I don't really think its neccesary.

    As for the vehicles, I totally agree with the repainted Slave I. I would pick that toy up in a second. As for the hyperdrive ring, I think they should release it as a seperate toy, not in a repackaged Starfighter. Waste of my money.
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    Cool, I hope the vehicles aren't exclusives, though will most likely be. I do hope the Gunship is the Cargo Gunship.

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    The hyper space ring would make a nice "jedi master points" mail away item.

    If they plan to reissue Eeth Koth, why not change the paint scheme (darken the face) and call him the Zubrak jedi from the Arena battle? Id buy one in that case, but not if it's exactly the same. I will buy an extra imperial officer - maybe they'll put him in a gray uni this time - and Ill buy another rebel fleet trooper. Why not. I hope they don't stop focusing on new and different stuff, though. These next two years should be like the POTJ years, full of cool collector oriented figures. Let's hope so.

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    I'll take advantage of this and buy a crapload of rebel fleet troopers and Imperial officers. Got no reason to buy Eeth or Teebo though.
    I'll buy the starfighter with hyperdrive ring and I'll definately be getting the Slave-1 repaint.

    If this comes off that is. How cool to get the detail and sculpt of the AOTC Slave-1 with the ESB paint deco. And as I planned on getting a couple more starfighters I may just wait it out and see if this comes through so i can get the hyperdrive ring too. Wicked news/rumour/chinese whisper.... I so hope this news is truth though.

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    Here's my $0.02:
    I would love to get the TIE bomber - I never saw it except for at high prices at C2. I got Eeth, if he's the exact same I'll pass, if he has a new paint scheme and no brown cloak then count me in. I also have the trooper and soldier, I just hope they come with more stuff and possibly new heads - but I'd be fine with new stuff and the old head. I never got Teebo, can't wait! They should release Bo'Shek again - perhaps with a bar piece? - but not R4-M9, they alread rehashed him into the Star Tours line. I don't have the Jedi Starfighter yet, I'll get one next month sometime, and I'll also get the one with a hyperspace ring. I'll use the two for scenes of the cut Jedi space battle (with Adi Gallia). I don't have the old Slave I, or the Saga one, I'll be getting the Saga one as well as the ESB version. My god, when I walk into a Wal-Mart next year, somebody better be there to catch me when I faint from all the good new stuff!
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    I strongly believe that with a little integrity, collector's themselves can distribute product better. But this line has become one of severe profit, so we'll get hit with stuff that might not be needed. It's also unfair because the FX-7 and Eeth waves were originally $6.50 US in their initial run (but not quite as unfair as repainting R4-M9 and putting him up for $10).

    As far as the ships, I suppose it's fine in very small numbers (as both vehicles are collecting dust). The ring with a solid-mold Jedi Starfighter with a moveable-dome R4-P17 would be nice (even nicer would be electronics). And Slave 1 could use a makeover (although it won't be as impressive as the LEGO resculpt).

    The Gunship could be retooled with built-in scaled ball turrets. The version with the pilot just doesn't capture the essence of the movie version, which, quite simply, rocks.

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    I love it, more card variations!!! So which Star fighter will be worth the most, The boxed, the window boxed, with the ring boxed, with the ring in window boxed, the repaint with ring in ep3 box ...... etc What a joke. I will buy the card variations though.
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    Yeah, this would make 3 differant versions of a ship that doesn't seem to sell well in the first place.
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