Let me preface this post by pointing out to my fellow moderators that I recognize that this post may be best suited for the "Buying/Selling" section, but rest assured, a copy of that aspect of this post appears there. I am using this particular post to also share info about this line in much the way we have shared information, thoughts, and musings on our personal fondness for a particular line. And yes, I am hopeful that this will also serve to get the Sir Steve's community to lend a helping hand in my search for Series I Holy Grail figures.

For those of you who have seen some of Sideshow Toys' work, you know what I am on about when I say that they have done a super job on the Monty Pythion and the Holy Grail line! I bought King Arthur for Mrs. JediCole back when they first came out. Unfortunatly I drug my feet on picking up the other four. And now it seems that they have pretty much disappeared from the stores around here. So I now turn to the fine folks of Sir Steve's Guide to aid me in my search.

Though I know that Sideshow will soon be rereleasing all five of the originals, they will all feature a "dirty, road-weary" over-paint, so they would not sort well with the King Artur figure already in Mrs. JediCole's collection.

We also have Patsy and the Black Knight so far, and are looking forward to Tim the Enchanter, the Rude Frenchman, and the King of Swamp Castle! Needless to say, we will not miss any more of these guys, though we don't want ALL of them. Not to impugne the other figures, but Prince Herbert, the Dead Collector, and a few others are just not as appealing to us at this time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the line, in typical Sideshow fashion, the liknesses are incredible and the costumes are great! As are the accessories! Each figure features a silver/black "chainmail" body suit, some kind of over tunic, belt, scabbard, sword and shield. Some have helmets as well, and all have great, movie-based accessories. Sir Galahad comes with a lantern featuring a Grail-shaped aperature (undoubtedly obtained at Castle Anthrax), Sir Bedavere comes with a duck, with which to counterweight suspected witches, and Sir Robin features a bloddy-mawed killer rabbit! All in all it is a great line! Of course I need all of the above and Sir Lancelot, but I have seen them all in the past and they are great!

Also, newer releases like Patsy are incredible. Arthur's favorite squire comes with an impecably detailed backpack (I finally figured out that much of his pack rests on what must have been a "field throne" for the King) and, of rourse, two empty halves of coconut to bang together. And don't forget the Black Knight! He features removeable arms and legs ("I'll have your leg!") so you can challenge him in a duel that will certainly end in a draw!

So, that being said, if anyone can help me out in obtaining some of these guys, I would appreciate it. I am willing to pay $30.00 each plus shipping and would even consider buying all five to get the four we need. Please feel free to email jedicole@yahoo.com if you think you can help.